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Zulily > News Flash! Get Special Zulily Deals Here

News Flash! Get Special Zulily Deals Here

When I became a new mother, one of my closest girlfriends told me about Zulily and how I needed to shop there for the best baby items to keep my little one and I smiling. I, of course, took her advice and checked it out, and I couldn’t believe the amazing savings I was able to find on all the items I wanted and needed for my family. Every day there are new deals to check out, and I always look forward to seeing what new things I can buy at prices I still have a hard time believing are real.

Here are some of the ways Zulily lets you save on your orders of baby and mom apparel, toddler gear, and all the trusted brands and products in the world of parenting.

How to Earn Cash Back at Zulily

When you shop at Zulily through Ebates, you’ll earn a percentage back of every dollar you spend. This Cash Back from Ebates means you’ll actually be earning money while you shop and save! The percentage you’ll earn in Cash Back can change sometimes with bonus days, so be sure to check regularly and always shop through Ebates to earn your Cash Back.

Blow-Out Sale Prices

While Zulily already has perfect pricing, a few times a year you can get even better deals. Usually around major holidays and at the end of seasons, a Blow-Out Sale takes place. At these sales, you can find so many items on sale, like apparel for you and the kids, fun toys, educational and interesting books to get your kids thinking, and other gear, all priced at $9.99 or less! I always wait for these sales and stock up on gift items for my fellow mom friends, or for special treats for my own kids so they can get extra toys and clothes without me putting a big dent in our family budget, which as you know can get pretty tight sometimes!

Watch for these sales throughout the year to really maximize your money at Zulily.

Save Big With Daily Deals

Every single day, you can find new sales items and special pricing on everything from home décor to apparel. Some of these sales only last that day, while others are limited to just one item or one department — and only for a limited time. I can usually find prices marked down about 70% of what they used to be!

These sales change daily, so always take a look at the website to see if the items you’ve been eyeing up have gone on sale.

Earn $15 Shopping Credits

This is my absolute favorite way to save while shopping! When you sign up at the Zulily website, you’ll get a special, personalized link you can share with your friends when you tell them about Zulily. When your friends sign up with your personal link and buy something, you’ll automatically get a $15 shopping credit you can use towards future orders. There’s no limit to how many of these credits you can earn.

I’ve referred all the new moms in my parenting class, a few of my family members who are about to have babies and, of course, all my closest girlfriends. I can’t even keep track of how many rewards credits I’ve received so far! Tell the world about your favorite shopping website and start earning your rewards today!

Coupon and Promo Code Savings

Look for special coupon and promo codes and special sales listed on Ebates to get extra perks and savings. Checking out Zulily through Ebates is a really easy way to quickly see what the current sales and promotions are, and get access to any coupon codes you can take advantage of while shopping. Whether it’s a specific department or collection that’s on sale or a general discount you can use on anything on the Zulily website, Ebates has all the information you need about how to get the prices you want.

Since I became a mother, I’ve been more focused on saving money but still want the stylish and high-quality things I’ve always wanted. Zulily helps me get the best gear for myself, my kids and my home while really helping extend my budget in the most practical way. All moms should shop here and combine the savings with Cash Back at Ebates to make money while you place your orders.

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