When Is Cyber Monday 2018 and How Can I Find the Best Deals?

Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Thanksgiving, so this year it falls on Monday, November 26. Similar to Black Friday, which is all about the excitement of in-store shopping, Cyber Monday is celebrated by thousands of stores as an online shopping event offering great savings and promos.

Prepare to Save Big on Cyber Monday 2018

1. Rewrite Your Gift List

Before Cyber Monday, make a list of all the people — or all the products — you missed on Black Friday, then go online to check out gift possibilities. If items sold out before you could snag them on Black Friday, they might be restocked by Cyber Monday — or have even bigger discounts.

1. Scope Out a Variety of Merchants

Stores with general merchandise likely will offer Cyber Monday discounts on big-ticket items, mid-priced gifts and inexpensive stocking stuffers in all product categories. You should, however, also scope out specialty stores that carry niche items such as beauty products, tech gear or home decor. Many shoppers overlook specialty stores on Cyber Monday because their year-round sales are not as frequent, but during the holidays, even those stores slash prices. Be on the lookout for additional gifts for your recipients or extras to take to last-minute holiday parties and events, too!

1. Think Long-Term

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy merch that you and your gift recipients will use for a long time, such as cold-weather items to take you, your family and your pets into next year, including winter clothes, shoes, accessories, blankets and bedding. More durable items that are meant to be used and enjoyed for months or years to come can be expensive, so looking for them before Cyber Monday and then snagging them at a bargain price means you’ll get more bang for your buck.

1. Look for Travel Deals

Cyber Monday is also the perfect time to consider booking late-winter and early-spring vacation reservations. Maybe you’ve been thinking about visiting an out-of-town relative after the New Year or staying at a ski resort when there’s still plenty of snowpack but the busy vacation season is over. A pre-Cyber Monday search of flights, hotels and car rentals is a great way to stack those savings.

1. Create Your Purchasing Profiles

Once you decide what you want to purchase and from where, you can prepare for Cyber Monday by creating a profile on each store’s website. On Cyber Monday, you can buy your items quickly and check out with the shipping address and other information you input in advance, and add other shipping addresses if you plan to send gifts to someone else. For extra security, be sure to use a unique password on every store’s website.

1. Set a Time of Day to Shop

If you have to work on Cyber Monday, plan on setting your morning alarm for a little earlier than usual so you can buy what you need before you head into the office. If you usually don’t have time in the mornings, schedule breaks in advance so you can shop throughout Cyber Monday without disruption.

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