21 More days till Green Monday!

When Is Green Monday 2017 and How Can I Find the Best Deals?

Green Monday is the second Monday in December, falling this year on Dec. 11. Similar to Cyber Monday, Green Monday sprang from a phrase coined by an online company a decade ago to denote the most popular shopping day in December.

Prepare to Save Big on Green Monday 2017

Re-evaluate the Purchases You’ve Already Made

You had the list, you checked it twice and you probably shopped it twice as well — once on Black Friday and again on Cyber Monday. But are you sure you got everything for everyone on your list this year? You have only a few shopping days left to buy presents for your friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors, so you may want to do some re-evaluating before Green Monday. Look at the items you’ve already earmarked for each person on your list and decide if that’s your final gift choice before Green Monday, so you don’t have to make any stressful last-minute decisions. And you definitely don’t want to deal with trying to find a mall parking space on Christmas Eve!

Fill Your Shopping Cart

When you buy online, you can fill your virtual shopping cart with items without purchasing them immediately. This allows you to organize all your potential gifts, and you won’t have to worry about keeping track of dozens of coupons since the store will automatically apply price adjustments and Green Monday deals. Even better, if you leave your shopping cart untouched for a day or two, merchants will often send you exclusive coupons to entice you to complete your purchase. Just make sure to create a profile at that online store so the merchant has your email address. You may even find that you qualify for free shipping, which adds more savings to your Green Monday shopping trip!

Consider Your Shipping Options

Whether you’re having items shipped to yourself to wrap at home or having prewrapped gifts sent to loved ones, you must consider how they’ll be shipped. Ordering on Green Monday will be cutting your shipping time frame pretty close, particularly if there’s inclement weather. Before you purchase Green Monday deals, look at the shipping options on each merchant’s website to see if they offer expedited freight. Check the 10-day weather forecast for the areas you’re going to be shipping your gifts. If a storm is approaching, you may want to select the quickest shipping option in order to beat the snowfall. It’ll probably cost more, but remember that you’ll be saving money on the Green Monday items themselves.

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