When Is Black Friday 2018 and How Can I Find the Best Deals?

Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving, so this year’s excitement falls on Friday, November 23, 2018. Often considered the official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday is when you get your game face on and prepare for some of the sweetest deals your favorite stores offer during a thrilling, pulse-pumping 24-hour buying extravaganza!

Prepare to Save Big on Black Friday 2018

1. Make a List of Gift Recipients

The most important tip for Black Friday is to make a complete list of your gift recipients using your computer, mobile device or good ol’ pen and paper. Be sure you have everyone covered, from family and friends to coworkers and neighbors. Don’t forget your kids’ teachers, tutors and coaches, or your hair stylist, manicurist, masseuse, dog-walker and everyone else who’s a significant part of your busy life. It’s always good to have extra gifts around the house, too, in case someone unexpectedly drops by or you’re invited to a last-minute holiday gathering.

2. Scope Out Your Gifts Ahead of Time

Take an early look at the possibilities for everyone on your list — before buying the gifts on Black Friday. Your kids have probably already told you what they want, and it’s likely that you have some great ideas brewing for your significant other and your closest friends and relatives. If you’re stumped as to what to get other people on your list, now’s the time to discover some clever, fun, fashionable or innovative products that are just the right match for your recipients.

3. Finalize Your Gifts for the Big Day

Go online before Black Friday to see which stores carry your must-haves, and make final decisions for recipients who don’t yet have gifts next to their names on your list. Consider looking at separate stores for the same or similar items, keeping in mind that one merchant might have a bigger discount, free shipping or gift-with-purchase deals on Black Friday. Copy the links to each item and create a list so you can refer back to them on Black Friday, when you find out which store has the best deals and coupon codes.

4. Have a Firm Budget

Saving money is the name of the game when it comes to Black Friday! That’s why people brave the most hectic shopping day of the year, and it’s also why it’s really important to consider exactly how much you’re going to spend on everyone on your holiday gift list. Remember that having a nice holiday doesn’t mean you need to go broke paying it off.

5. Think About How You’re Paying

One of the most critical Black Friday shopping tips is to be financially prepared by figuring out which credit cards you’ll use to pay for your purchases. What is each card’s limit? What are their interest rates? And how much — if anything — do you already owe? Get the most out of your credit cards by choosing one or more that offers rebates, frequent-flier miles or other perks.

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