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How to Get a Savings Pick-Me-Up When You Rent With Enterprise

As much as we love our cars, we all know that sometimes it’s just not practical or possible to travel with your own personal vehicle. Whether you’re flying overseas for an adventurous few weeks abroad or heading to a city on the opposite coast for a few days for a work meeting, you’re most likely going to have to leave your car behind.

Luckily, Enterprise Rent A Car provides outstanding rates on quality, reliable vehicles that are fit for every purpose. Last year my husband rented a four wheel drive vehicle from Enterprise for a remote camping trip he took with his friends. That same week, I rented a convertible and hit the beach with my girlfriends. Neither of us could have been happier. No matter what type of vehicle you need, you can find it here, and at prices that will floor you.

You can also find perks and features like low rates on extended bookings and special category discounts, and don’t forget to join the rewards program! Basically, there are tons of ways to save here, and I’m going to share some of them with you.

I’ve been renting from Enterprise for years now, and I’m also a loyal Ebates user. Here are the top ways I’ve learned that you can make the most out of your money at Enterprise while earning Cash Back through Ebates.

How to Get Cash Back at Enterprise Rent A Car

To get Cash Back when booking through Enterprise Rent A Car, make sure you shop at Enterprise through Ebates every single time. When you do this, Ebates will give you a percentage back of every eligible dollar you spend at Enterprise. This percentage back is called Cash Back, and it gets automatically deposited to your Ebates account, where you can later withdraw it as regular cash that you can spend absolutely anywhere. I like to think of my Cash Back as being the extra gas money I need to make my Enterprise rental take me even farther on my fun and affordable road trip.

Join the Rewards Program

Enterprise Rent A Car offers this really awesome program that can help you save money on all of your travels. When you join the Enterprise Plus Rewards Program for free, you’ll be on your way to free rentals and free vehicle upgrades. The program gives you rewards points every time you book through Enterprise, and you can cash these rewards points in later for your free rental or a free upgrade.

Save with Special Category Discounts

Don’t forget to check to see if you’re eligible to receive an extra 10% discount. Some of the eligible groups include AARP members, military service members, and members of other organizations. Some insurance companies offer this discount, too. It doesn’t take long to check, and the savings can really add up if you get a discount each time you book.

Discount Weekend Rentals

Here’s something interesting. You might think that the weekend would be the most expensive time to rent a car since that’s when most of us are trying to get out and have a little road trip adventure, but what if I told you you were wrong about the expensive part? It turns out that when you rent through Enterprise for your fun weekend getaway, you’ll actually get a discounted rate. For just $9.99 a day, you can have a car and 100 miles so you can really be a weekend road warrior without destroying your bank account.

Save on Long-term Rentals

If you know you’ll need a rental car for a while — a few weeks or even a few months — Enterprise offers amazing pricing on long-term rentals. My job sent me overseas earlier this year for two full months and authorized me to get a rental car for that whole time. At first I almost felt bad for the company, thinking this was going to cost them enough to break our budget, but when I saw the purchase order, I couldn’t believe the great rate Enterprise provided. It was affordable enough that I could have easily covered the expense myself if my company wasn’t picking up the tab.

Don’t rule out Enterprise for an affordable long-term rental option to make your time away from home more comfortable and convenient.

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