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Aaron Varsha founded Auction King in 2015. His family has a background in auctioning, which exposed him to the action from a young age. After college, Varsha became heavily involved in online auctions, which led him to develop his own auction site. Auction King experienced rapid growth due to clever marketing tactics, such as when Varsha ran real-world auctions to promote the site and rented giant flat-screen TVs to showcase the site and allow bidders to view merchandise and make bids on their phones. This merging of real-life and virtual auctioning was a successful tactic that drew in a host of new customers and catapulted Auction King to the forefront of online auctioning.

Auction King's mission is to bring amazing auctions to your fingertips. Exclusive auctions for the rich or auctions on the other side of the globe are now within reach. The company completes this process using a high-tech system that's both secure and private. Once you win an auction, there are many ways to lower the final cost. You can use Auction King promo codes and shop with Ebates to earn Cash Back when you're the highest bidder.

Shopping Secrets

You can shop with Ebates to earn Cash Back when you win an auction, but that's not the only secret to savings. The following tips will help you get the best deal on your next item, along with Auction King discount codes.

Create an Auction King Account to Receive $50 Off Your First Purchase

New shoppers receive Auction King coupons for $50 off a purchase when they create an account. This discount will apply the first time you're the highest bidder in an auction. Look for the registration box on the Auction King website.

Download the Auction King App

The Auction King app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows you to engage in real-time bidding and not miss out on winning a rare item. You'll receive alerts when you're outbid, and you'll get notifications for upcoming auctions. You can then use the app to complete the purchase once you've won. Download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

Receive Free Shipping When You Win an Auction

Auction King offers free shipping to U.S. residents. If you're the highest bidder on an auction, free shipping automatically applies.

You'll find many ways to get the best deals on fine art, jewelry, collectibles and other rare items. Use Auction King promo codes when you win an auction. By shopping with Ebates, you can also earn Cash Back every time you win.

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