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Guide To Black Friday Shopping At Amazon

When you’re full and happy after a great Thanksgiving meal, the one thing you don’t want to do is camp out in a parking lot in the middle of the night to wait for the floodgates to open. Black Friday the old-fashioned way is becoming a thing of the past, with sites like Amazon making it possible to get those crazy deals at a heart-pumping pace for the whole holiday week.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping on Amazon, then do more than get your credit card ready. Follow this guide to have the most money-saving and loot-gaining shopping holiday you can — and avoid those impulse-buy regrets!

1. Get Prime membership – it’ll pay off!

The early bird gets the worm, and some of the most valuable products on Amazon during Black Friday are limited in stock. It’s you and thousands of others trying to buy that flat-screen TV at the exact same time thanks to that 50% off tag. What you need is a head start — and you can have it for a full 30 minutes before everyone else with Amazon Prime. Prime members will have their pick of the deals for a half hour before the floodgates are opened, meaning you only have to compete with a fraction of other customers. You can sign up for a free trial just for the week of and decide later if you’d like to continue.

Besides early access, you'll also get free shipping with Amazon Prime!

2. Understand the game.

Black Friday may be about savings, but sellers are still trying to make money. Oftentimes, a seller will increase the price of something a few months before November just so that when they drop the price, you see “$150 off!” and don’t realize that you’re being taken for a ride. Before you start key-smashing to get that deal, do some research on the products you actually want so you can tell when an impulse buy is the right choice and when you could simply wait a month and get it for the same price without the rush.

3. Don’t get caught up in “deal” mania.

The reason Black Friday is such a sales phenomenon is because it taps into the hidden impulse buyer in all of us. The problem with this sense of urgency is it makes you go for rash decisions — not only landing you on the bad side of your bank account, but also causing you to buy things that aren’t exactly what you want simply because you got a deal. Now you don’t have the money to buy that computer with 8 RAM because you got one with 4 RAM thanks to 20% savings.

To make sure you’re actually saving money and not ending up dissatisfied, know exactly what you want before you even log on. And most importantly, set yourself a price cap so you don’t overspend and regret it later. What is the absolute most you’ll spend today? Could you really be satisfied with a slower laptop or would you curse yourself two weeks in? This will also ensure you’re in the right department to find that killer deal rather than missing it while you browse somewhere else.

4. Open your second tab and get ready for price-checking.

In the theme of smarter shopping — just because they say it’s a deal, doesn’t mean it is! Amazon may have knocked a few dollars off the item, but can you find it for the same price somewhere else, or even lower? Can you find a better version for only a few dollars more than the 10% off price? Sure, you’re in a hurry, but it only takes seconds to Google the product and see what it’s selling for elsewhere, ensuring that you really do get the best deal in town.

5. Get out your coupons!

A deal like 50% off is a tantalizing option, but it’s even more appealing if you can stack those savings with additional Amazon coupons. When you’re going digital on your shopping spree, keep Ebates open in your second tab so you can compare the different deals and combine them into one for the ultimate deal. They offer plenty of savings on large name brands and also those exclusive to Amazon. To make it even better, Ebates also offers Cash Back, so on top of taking a few dollars off the whole price, you can even earn money in the process.

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