Your Black Friday in 19 Gifs

Shopping in-store this Black Friday? You’re up to the challenge, right? Here’s how it’s gonna play out. (Take it from us, we’re psychic like that.)

You, being responsible and ever-prepared, do your homework. You browse Black Friday ads ahead of time and make, dare you say, the best game plan in Black Friday shopper history.


You give yourself a little pep talk. It’s a big day and you’re gonna kill it. Right?


Then you get yourself pumped. Whether with a run around the neighborhood, wrestle-sesh with your nieces and nephews,  or…whatever this chick is doing.


You’re getting a little scared so you cordially invite your BFFs to come along to help you navigate your shopping list and grab those deals.


And when you arrive, the parking lot looks like this.


And if you can’t park like a boss the second a spot opens up, it’s circle-around city for you, my friend.


Then the crowds LOOK LIKE THIS OMG.


But you stay determined.

You have a little snack to keep your energy up and your game face on.


Just as you finish the smushed granola bar that you stashed in your purse, you spot the one item you came for.


After casually elbowing a few people, you successfully claim your prize.


You realize you’ve hit your fun ceiling and it’s time to go home.


Time to scoop up all your friends from whatever pile they’re hiding under and hit the checkout.


Be careful not to break your back as you gather up your things and head to the register.


You feel so accomplished as you head to the car.


But when you get home and see the pile of receipts, you have second thoughts.


But not for too long, because you have to get prepared for Cyber Monday and all the online shopping you’re going to do.


At least this time, you can do it in your pajamas.


Plus, when you get Cash Back at Ebates for the shopping in-store on Black Friday, you’ll be like…


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