6 Chic Overalls to Send Off Summer in Style

Although overalls have been utility clothing for years, they’ve cycled through fashion hot lists and not lists more than once. But these aren’t the baggy, farmer-in-the-dell pants of the ’90s. The denim is now reimagined as skinnier, more distressed and strappier. Check out these picks for the women’s overalls comeback.

Skinny Overalls in Kemp Wash

The high-waist comeback is getting a double take with these skinny overalls. The other detail to die for is the side hip zipper.

Distressed Denim Overall Dress

Take me back to the sweetheart-denim-style dresses. This retro-inspired overall dress is too cute.

Urban Bliss Strip Overalls

Blue denim with a light stripe pattern and some small distress marks makes this pair feel like summer all over again.


Juniper Jumpsuit

Acid wash and slit pockets make these overalls a statement piece. You’ll love the front and back scoop neckline.

Classic Stretch High-Rise Boyfriend Overalls

These may look like run-of-the-mill classic overalls, but the high-water ankle makes them the most comfy to run around in.

Destructed Women’s Overalls

You have to have some black denim in your closet. I have stars in my eyes for the suspender-style cross-back straps.

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  1. I have a huge obsession with overall dresses.