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Guys, we get it. Valentine’s Day can be a pain. The early days of playing it safe with flowers and candy may be behind you. Or you may have been tempted in the past to “get creative” and ended up like this poor sap over here:

Whatever your apprehension to shopping may be, we understand and we have your back with some gift ideas from stores she knows and loves. These Valentine’s Day gifts for her are chic, modern, practical and best of all, they give you Cash Back at Ebates.

Dear Dudes Who Are Reading This During Their Lunch Break on February 13th,

Before you choke on that sandwich because you completely forgot about the big day, take in the good news that all five of the below stores offer In-Store Cash Back at Ebates. So now you can swing by their nearest locations and pick up the gift without missing out on Cash Back. You’re welcome.

Ann Taylor, 2% Cash Back

If your girl looks like she just walked off the pages of Vogue and it’s only a Tuesday, Ann Taylor is the place to find what she thrives on–sparkling accessories and quality pieces she can mix and match into any outfit.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 4% Cash Back

Quirky meets high fashion, Saks Fifth Avenue is perfect for the woman who has a daring side and isn’t afraid to tell the world that she loves avocado on everything, even her shoes. It’s a good fat, after all.

EXPRESS, 2.5% Cash Back

EXPRESS is the destination for hip, youthful fashions ranging from casual to fabulous. If you know your lady is into exercise, go with an activewear set. If not, stay away. This is not the time to suggest she needs a fitness routine. Apply chocolate instead.

The Body Shop, 4% Cash Back

Help her unwind with some of the best pampering products on the market at The Body Shop. From luxurious massage oils to exfoliating scrubs, they have everything she needs to feel like a brand new woman.

American Eagle, 4% Cash Back

Whether Bae likes to bake or loves the gift of flirty lingerie, satisfy her penchant for kitsch and classic, casual style at American Eagle. Score silly gifts that will make her smile or stylish staples to put the swing in her step.



Prices and Cash Back percentages are subject to change. 

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