Seeing Red

With Valentine’s Day coming up SO SOON, we can’t help but be inspired by the holiday’s favorite color: red! It has a quintessential glamorous quality to it  regardless of how it’s used. As the main piece of your outfit, or a fun pop against neutrals, a little or a lot of red can go a long way to add personality to your outfit.


Red accessories can be scooped up on a tight budget at Target with 2.5% Cash Back.RedLipsDone

A red lip is classic, dramatic, and goes a long way. Sephora offers a variety of hues – from orangey reds to bluey reds, there is something for every look and skintone. Plus, you will earn 2.5% Cash Back on your purchase and enjoy free shipping on $50+ orders!


Red nails, like lips, are never going out of style. They are as fun and functional as a cool ring. Sephora, the beauty mecca, will give you 2.5% Cash Back on your polish purchases.


Red shoes will be a wardrobe staple perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other day. A great pop of color at your feet will look lovely with jeans, black pants, shorts, dresses & skirts. We could continue the list, but the point is clear – red shoes rock. These are all available at Nordstrom with 3.0% Cash Back.


What says glamour and romance more then a red dress? These cool, functional pieces are *almost* as functional as a little black dress, but with a little more personality. These are available at Bloomingdales with 3.0% Cash Back!

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Spring Ahead: Pastel Polish

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