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Rainy-day blues are the worst, especially for active little kids. Popping in a movie and curling up on the couch may be one of your favorite things to do on a rainy day, but your 4-year-old’s endless energy could put a damper on that plan. Check out these easy yet engaging rainy-day activities for preschoolers, and get helpful tips for keeping everyone sane until the sun comes out again. From rainy-day crafts supplies to stylish rain gear, you can shop through Ebates for everything you need to make the most of your day while earning Cash Back.

Curious Chef setBake Together

The most fun rainy-day activities with kids are the ones that give you an opportunity for quality time. Baking is a fantastic idea if you’re looking for an indoor activity to do side by side. This Curious Chef set is perfect for little hands and comes with an adorable, just-their-size apron. Have your child collect all the needed materials they can reach, ask them to help measure and mix and then let them get creative decorating their confections. Then you get to the best part: eating!

Baby Dish Washing

Game of Chores

Little kids can turn anything into a game — even keeping the house clean. Set a timer and have a laundry-folding race or show them how to mop the floor with their feet. (Just put a damp rag under each foot and scuttle across the floor.) Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also love being a “good helper.”

Color Hunt

Bonding activities are great, but sometimes we just need a break. Encouraging independent play is also very important for kids since it teaches them to be self-sufficient. Having a color hunt around the house is a perfect way to get your little one moving and learning on their own. Label bags by color, and then ask your child to collect and sort items within reach. You can set a timer and see how many items they collect, and they can try to break their record next time.

Shape Match

All you need for this activity is wooden blocks of various shapes, a big piece of construction paper and a marker. Trace the shapes onto the paper, and then have your child match the shapes to their outlines. It’s an inexpensive DIY puzzle that actually challenges kids. You can get everything you need for these crafty activities at Michaels.

Rain Splatter Art

Sometimes you just have to put on your rain boots and jacket and get out there and enjoy the rain. After a little puddle-stomping, create a unique work of art by putting a few drops of food coloring on a piece of paper and lying it out in the rain. Watch how the droplets create colorful splatters!

Make Magic Puddles

All you need for this one is powder tempera paint and some glitter. Find a puddle in your yard and sprinkle the paint and glitter to create a magically colorful puddle! Warning: It may be too pretty to stomp.

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