How to Master Makeup Storage and Organization in 5 Easy Steps

Makeup neatly displayed on tableIs your makeup stash a constant center of total chaos? If you’re like most of us, your makeup collection is subject to that daily disorder created while desperately trying to dig out your favorite eyeliner. If you’re a hair product hoarder or if you get a monthly sample subscription, you probably have a drawer filled with products you love, but can’t keep arranged. If you’re tired of never being able to find what you want, when you need it most, you are probably in need of a major makeup sort and a new system to keep things tidy. Without a solid organizational system, things can devolve into disorder that will most likely leave you super frazzled any time you are in a hurry. With these five easy steps, you can learn how to sort out your products, organize your makeup with a system that sticks and reclaim your sanity in style. Whatever organizational system you choose, make sure you don’t miss out on Cash Back at Ebates on your new beauty storage makeup organizer and as always, keep your eyes peeled for extra perks like a makeup storage promo code.

Everyday Essentials

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The first step may seem a little daunting because things are going to become more of a mess before you can achieve organized makeup storage perfection. Dig through your makeup vanity, bathroom storage and makeup bag to retrieve all of your beauty products. Spread them out on a table and pull out the stuff that you use most frequently. These are the items that you want to have on hand for those crazy mornings that would otherwise leave you cursing your disorderly makeup collection. Tuck them into a designated makeup bag or makeup organizer reserved for only those items.

Multicolored makeup bagGet something cute and portable that can go anywhere you go in a flash, like this adorable makeup bag from Vera Bradley. Once you have your essentials reserved in a dedicated pouch or bin, you’re ready to move on.


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We all have those favorite beauty products that just aren’t in our everyday rotation. Whether it’s a lip color you only wear in the winter or hair sunscreen for the sunny months, save yourself the bathroom storage overflow and tuck these seldom used products away until their proper time and place. Make yourself a backup makeup box of storage for hair products that you use no more than once a month or quarterly and tuck it away somewhere cool and dry. This is also a great time to sort out and toss all of those crusty, expired items that have been lurking in your makeup collection for ages – you know which ones we’re talking about! They may be hard to let go, but your skin and eyes will thank you!

categoryIt may be helpful if you organize beauty products into categories such as eye shadows, lip products, foundations, concealers and so on. Depending on the size of your makeup collection, you may want to make broader categories such as eye makeup or more narrow selections like eyeliners, if you happen to have a ton. Once you have your beauty storage categories established, it’s time to move on to the fun part.


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Now that you have sorted your makeup into a number of categories, find a makeup box or makeup organizer with enough spaces so that each category can have its own space. Use bins, bags or drawers, whichever you fancy the most. There are a lot of beauty organizer options out there, so decide what works best for your personal habits and space. Your makeup storage will work best if everything has an intuitive designated spot that items can return to after they’ve been used.

Clear makeup storage cubeCheck out beauty storage and makeup bags online at Sephora like this incredible CosmoCube and keep an eye out for a makeup storage promo code.

Etsy makeup brush holdersWant something unique to match your personal style? Check out fabulous custom beauty storage options like this makeup brush holder available online at Etsy. Don’t forget to activate Cash Back at Ebates to save some extra money for your new makeup fund.

tidyOnce everything has its designated spot, keeping your makeup organizer system tidy is a piece of cake if you can commit five minutes each week to putting items back where they belong. Head to your makeup vanity or bathroom storage and take a few minutes to tuck away all the products that have strayed from their respective receptacles each week. Sunday is a great day to do this as the weekend outings are over and it will give you a fresh, organized start for Monday. Tuck those brushes back in a makeup brush holder and set your next week up for neatly ordered bliss!

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