Everything You Need to Know About In-Store Cash Back

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You already know how easy it is to earn Cash Back at Ebates when you shop online. But hold onto your hats because now you can earn Cash Back when you shop … in stores! Physically. Not just in cyberspace. Try on a few sizes, swipe on some makeup swatches, sample aromas — do all the things only shopping in stores can provide and still get Cash Back. And who can forget the classic, bonding experience of hitting the mall with your friends.


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In-Store Cash Back is so easy to use, you can do it in three simple steps. Let us break it down for you so you can start stacking up your Cash Back today.



Visit our In-Store Cash Back page and add your credit and/or debit cards in just a few clicks. Rest assured, Ebates follows industry standards to make sure your information is protected. You can worry less about your card’s security and more about whether your favorite store carries that amazing dress in your size. See details in our Privacy Policy.



We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse — more than 30 of them, in fact! We have more than 30 top stores with In-Store Cash Back offers. Select all the offers you like and link them to your card.




Now it’s finally time to take your linked card out for a spin. Head to the store with it, swipe away and earn Cash Back. Boom! There’s no need to tell your salesperson and no forms to fill out — just the magic of Cash Back. Why can’t everything be this easy?



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You can use credit and debit cards from Visa or American Express. Add as many cards as you like to your account; there are no limits. Pro tip: Stack your rewards! Link In-Store Cash Back offers to your store-branded credit cards to get both credit-card rewards and Cash Back!

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Click the See Details dropdown under each store to see the offer limits, exclusions and all the fine print. You can also use the handy store locator to find the nearest location so you can get to shopping right away!

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Be sure to check the offer’s expiration date because you must link and use the offer before it expires or else the chance for In-Store Cash Back will disappear like a stealth ninja.


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Always link before you leap. If you shop at a store before linking an In-Store Cash Back offer to your card, you will miss out on that Cash Back. Don’t do this. We hate to see you upset.


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To unlock the magic of In-Store Cash Back, pay the credit way. Yep, that includes debit cards. If you pay with your debit card and use your PIN, we won’t be able to track it. So when you’re ready to check out, remember: “Credit, please!”


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Shopaholics, this one’s for you. Once you’ve earned your In-Store Cash Back (which can take up to four days), you can relink the offer from the store and shop again. Remember to check the offer details, which will let you know how many times the offer can be redeemed.



What’s better than In-Store Cash Back? An additional 3 percent Cash Back when you shop with the Ebates Visa Credit Card! Here’s a little math to break it down: If a store is offering 5 percent In-Store Cash Back, you’ll earn 8 percent Cash Back when you use the Ebates Credit Card. Learn more.


In-Store Cash Back offers are exclusive to Ebates members, so your savings secret is just between us. Store employees probably won’t know anything about these offers. Lucky for you, once you’ve linked an offer to your card you can just shop and pay. Everything happens behind the scenes, so you can just keep a look out for your confirmation email. 


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The suspense must be killing you, but never fear. The wheels to deliver that sweet Cash Back to your Ebates account are a-turnin’. We will email you as soon as the store lets us know you shopped with an offer. This can take up to six days after your shopping trip.


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If you love a store with all your heart and it’s not on this list, just wait. It could be soon! Make sure to check back as we continue to add more top stores. Trust us: Love is worth waiting for.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this crash course on earning Cash Back in stores. Check out our video to see how easy it is to earn In-Store Cash Back. Now go forth and turn window shopping into Cash Back shopping!


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  1. t.antonacci August 18, 2016

    unable to lead credit cars online for in store cash back. ebates web kept saying “loading” w/o anything happening.

  2. Marda J Bunnell April 7, 2017

    I really like the ebates program, however, none of my in store purchases are being credited and I do have them linked????

    • Swapna Dhamdhere April 7, 2017

      Hi Marda, sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Please email facebookhelp@ebates.com so they can troubleshoot for you! It’s important to note that currently, In-Store Cash Back does not work with Mastercard, Diners Club, or Discover. If you linked a debit card, you must process your purchase as a signature debit card transaction and not a PIN debit card transaction. This means that instead of entering your PIN at checkout, you sign the receipt. A full list of our FAQs about In-Store Cash Back can be found here: https://www.ebates.com/in-store-cash-back.htm?page=faq. Hope this helps!

  3. Andrew Huang May 16, 2017

    What about the potential for the credit card to be charged by Ebates for some reason? I couldn’t find anything discussing this possibility. This is a common concern.

    • Swapna Dhamdhere May 22, 2017

      Hi Andrew, could you please clarify? Do you mean that on your credit card statement, instead of seeing the merchant as the transaction party, you see “Ebates” instead? Let me know!

      • Andrew May 22, 2017

        I mean what is stopping Ebates from charging the credit card for any reason since they have the information?

        • Swapna Dhamdhere at Ebates May 22, 2017

          Hi Andrew,

          I see! Security is extremely important to us, so all member information is heavily encrypted on our end. We can’t access it; we simply pass along your shopping session ID to the merchant you’re shopping at. Once you make a purchase on the merchant website, it is the merchant’s duty to report your order amount back to us so we know how much Cash Back to send your way. Hope this makes sense! Please let me know if you have any more questions.