Win a Bumble and bumble Stylist Set!

There are few things that scream summer like flowy, beachy locks of hair. One of our favorite brands, Bumble and bumble, has a great set of their best products and one lucky Ebates winner will win this lovely set of products.



Entry is simple: Let us know your favorite hair styling tip or how you would use these cool products.

*Winners must be residents of the United States of American over the age of 18 and members of

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  1. Jennifer Dysart

    I would use the surf spray to get that beachy textured look!

  2. Colleen Boudreau

    Finish blow drying your hair with cool air so it closes the hair follicles and helps with frizz.

  3. Linda

    Don’t wash your hair too often or it’ll get super oily!
    I would use the surf spray to put a bit of texture in my hair

  4. Dawn Holstrom

    I would make sure my hair was conditioned well if I was going to be out in the sun alot =)

  5. Daphne Burks

    I always make sure my hair is moisturized and the key to keeping your hair looking great is to get it cut every 6 weeks! Works wonders for me and I know these products will work great on my hair!

  6. Susan Holliday

    I would love to use the surf spray. I have natural waves in my hair and I think this would make them look awesome!

  7. Diane

    Would use the shine product because the summer dries our hair out and it loses it luster and shiny look 🙂

  8. PDXSunflower

    i want to use the texture cream to keep my style in check!

  9. Kate Le

    I would love to try these products since I only air dry my hair

  10. Anne Flickinger

    I love thi! I woul ue it to pamper my hair thi ummer!

  11. Beth Leftwich

    When blow drying your hair use a clip to hold sections up while blow drying smaller sections. Gives more volume and sleekness. I would use the shine spray to add shine after blow drying straight.

  12. Selina

    I would use all of these products to give me the perfect mermaid hair!

  13. I would use the Surf Spray to make my hair more wavy for an outdoor, beach look.
    Ross Olson

  14. Jennifer Kirkby

    I would use the surf spray to give my hair the “been at the beach all day” look. Then I would use the hairspray to keep things in place and then just a touch of the bb Shine for a healthy look.

  15. steph

    I would use to get that sun kissed shine, beach wet look , i have spikey hair in the back and this would be perfect.

  16. Lisa Mercurio

    I would use these when going out for the night. I love using my good products to pamper my hair when I deserve it most!

  17. Kimberlee

    Using a diffuser on curly hair keeps the frizz away and makes my curls soft and shiny!

  18. Rochelle

    When I have evening plans, I would use BB Texture and then put my hair up in a bun for the workday, so that when I let my hair down for the evening it has soft waves.

  19. Tracey Poland

    I would like to try the shine spray

  20. I would use the Surf Spray! I like that naturally wavy, messy beach style for my hair in the summer.
    Thank You!