tumblr_m00iiahrbC1r7zde8o1_500We at Ebates — and surely most of you — are so ready to say,”See ya later, winter, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” It is now officially appropriate to get supremely tickled about spring re-entering your chilly little life. And if it feels like last spring was 393,120 minutes ago (because it was) and you can’t possibly remember how great it was, let us remind you in a series of GIFs why spring is awesome.

1. Warmer weather: The weather’s warmer and you’re excited to remove some of those layers. Let’s just hope your New Year’s resolution to shed that winter weight actually stuck.


2. Driving with the windows down: Sure, you won’t be able to have an audible conversation and your car stereo will sound terrible, but WHO CARES IT’S FINALLY SUNNY!


3. Spring cleaning: Yikes. You really let the place go while you hibernated the winter away. Time to break out that Swiffer.


4. April showers: Don’t worry. You don’t have to dance in it. Stay in and enjoy the pitter patter on your rooftop, and then stand by for some serious rainbow action.giphy-1

5. May flowers: A frolic through the flowers is not only healing for the soul, but also a terrific backdrop for selfies. Just stock up on the Claritin first.


6. Easter: Sure, Easter means more than bunnies and chocolate — but really, CHOCOLATE! It brings out the creeper in all of us.


7. Spring break: Fashions may have changed, but the shenanigans stay the same. Time to cut loose and shake that caboose.


8. Cinco de Mayo: There’s no better time of year to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and get a tasty education in Mexican food. (Note: *This* is not how you do that. And there are far better Mexican food items than tacos. Get your hands on some menudo. You won’t regret it.)


9. Festival season: All those leftover Halloween costumes and accessories you have collecting dust in the attic? They’ve got you covered for Coachella, Sasquatch, SXSW, etc.


10. Barbecues: Barbecues and crab boils are perfect excuses to bring the crew together and consume way more food than you should. Enjoy a big hunk of beef on your plate. (The hunk cooking it isn’t too bad, either.)


11. Gardening: Sure, gardening and yard work seem like a chore. But don’t forget that you get the chance to bring life to things and then turn around and cut them down like a boss. Get it!giphy-6

12. Freshly cut grass: Piggybacking off No. 11, cutting the grass might be a chore but the intoxicating smell that follows is worth it. Or is that gas fumes from the mower?giphy-5

13. Romantic picnics: Let the outdoors ignite your passions. But beware of prying eyes.


14. New beginnings: With the seasons changing and nature in a state of renewal, spring is the perfect time to try a new haircut, travel to an exotic place or start killing it on those big life goals.


15. Sprucing up your spring wardrobe with Ebates: Update your look and get Cash Back? How is that not the best part of spring? Shop Double Cash Back stores to bring your fashion into focus this season.

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