The lazy days of summer are coming to a close and it can be a challenge for kids and parents alike. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of pencils, backpacks, schedules, papers and lunches. But before getting overwhelmed at this thought, take the time to implement some organizational systems. You’ll be a master of the back to school frenzy in no time if you follow these 10 tips for keeping your kid organized.

Keep a school calendar to remember due dates and other important events. This can be a traditional wall calendar or you can have fun with a white board calendar that can be decorated. Mark field trips, project due dates and school events so both you and your child will know what the upcoming days have to offer.

Encourage your child to check off the calendar daily. Marking something as done can be very rewarding and give your child both a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. It also makes it easy to keep track of what has been done and what needs to get done. Sounds simple enough but these are skills children need to learn for lifelong organization and accountability.


Have a designated homework spot at home. Whether that spot is at the kitchen table or a desk in the bedroom, keep this spot uncluttered for distraction-free homework time. Have all the essentials (paper, pencil sharpener, erasers and a calculator) within reach. This will help keep those trips to another room for a pen down to a minimum, which will help keep your kid on track.

Store away projects, artwork and A+ papers for safe keeping. Have an organization system in place to store these pieces of work for the future. Decide what is worth keeping and what is okay to be recycled. A simple filing storage box or a fun rolling storage cart keep desks clean, clear and clutter free.

Get a backpack with lots of compartments. Having a special spot for everything will help keep kids organized as well as remember where everything goes. This backpack has a great multi-compartment design with a media pocket, beverage pocket and padded shoulder straps. Not only is this backpack affordable, it comes in lots of different colors!

Only carry the necessities. Backpacks can get heavy very quickly and this is not good for children. Make sure that only the necessary items are in daily transit to and from school. Also make sure the straps are properly adjusted on the backpack for safety and comfort.

Pack the backpack before bed. Nothing throws a whole day off more than scrambling to get everything together and catching the bus on time. Making sure that homework is safely squared away and in the backpack before bedtime can help the morning be smooth sailing.

Invest in a good pencil case. Pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and paperclips can become a mess and get lost in a backpack. Having a good pencil case to neatly store away these items ensures nothing gets misplaced.

Color categorize notebooks and folders. Separate folders and binders for different classes or days to avoid confusion. Have separate folders for homework to be done, work in progress and papers that are done and ready to be turned in. This system helps things transition smoothly and is easy for you to keep track of as well.

Use dividers in notebooks for additional organization. Dividers can transform a notebook that was once a disaster into an organized masterpiece. These plastic dividers are more durable than the average paper ones and feature a pocket for holding additional papers.



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