Cash Back Terms

  • $75.00 Cash Back available on New Service (Phones & Tablets)
  • $30.00 Cash Back available on Add a Line
  • $15.00 Cash Back available on Prepay Service Plan
  • 7.5% Cash Back available on Accessories

Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on contract renewals (upgrades) and gift cards.

Special Terms: Cash Back is available to new customers, add a line and prepaid customers.

Free Shipping

Verizon offers free 2-day shipping on every order (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

Shop Verizon with Up to $75.00 Cash Back

Cash Back Facts

Ebates Members have been cashing in since 1999. Here's what members have earned so far from Verizon:

Average Cash Back
per order
Total Cash Back
to date

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Verizon > Dial Up Better Deals at the Better Network with Verizon

Dial Up Better Deals at the Better Network with Verizon

Verizon is such a renowned company when it comes to phone services, products, and accessories. If you walk into one of its stores, you’ll be really tempted to buy something. With so many great deals being offered, how can you resist?

Buying phones and phone accessories can either be necessary or a luxury, but here’s how you can save and get the most out of your phone shopping trip with money-saving tips.

Cash Back at Ebates

It’s very easy to get Cash Back on every Verizon order when you shop Verizon through Ebates. You’ll also find exclusive Verizon promo and coupon codes on Ebates that will save you extra money, get you great discounts and free gifts with orders, and much more. There are always a ton of promo codes on Ebates, and you’ll always earn Cash Back at Verizon. Whether you buy a product at Verizon or you simply switch over, you get Cash Back.

Free Devices & Service

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s absolutely the real thing. There are always great bundle offers, so be sure to check the latest offerings before making a choice. Verizon has the best phone plans on the market right now, so it ends up being a win-win situation for you and your entire family.

Get a $150 Bill Credit

Switch over to Verizon at any point for the chance to receive a $150 bill credit. This is just like having savings, savings, savings at every corner. It’s like Verizon rewards you for choosing a service that is affordable and keeps offering great deals. Sometimes this incentive changes, so be sure to check the most recent offers while browsing.

Free Two-Day Shipping

It’s no advertising gimmick. This is the cold, hard truth: free shipping on any order placed with Verizon. What? That’s awesome! There are no hidden charges or limits on your order. Wherever you are, you will get your product shipped to you absolutely free within the country, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Now when you pop over to look for a phone gadget, you may end up spending a lot less but saving a lot more with the amazing deals Verizon has for its customers.

Verizon Deals

I could go on and on about the great offers at Verizon, but why take my word for it? See for yourself. From simple discounts on products to whopping savers like getting up to $650 for a trade-in, Verizon has your back. With great phone plans and keeping you connected to major discounts, you’ll end up saving more with Verizon than with any other service.

Great Connectivity

We may take good connectivity for granted, but when you have that important meeting online or you want to Skype with your family after a long absence, you’ll feel the pain if you have a dodgy connection. With Verizon being the nation’s largest and fastest 4G LTE provider, all those issues will be a thing of the past. My calls would always drop when I was using my old network, but after the switchover, I face no problems! I have excellent reception and end up saving big every time with Verizon.

Huge Savings During Holidays and Back-to-School Sales

Verizon is such a big company that it always has great offers available whenever you’re looking for something phone-related. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the lookout for a new phone or phone accessories – they’re all available at great prices. With holidays coming up and schools in session, this is the time to make big savings with your phone. You can get up to 70% savings on your orders related to phones, tablets or accessories. Now you, your kids and your entire family can enjoy huge savings!

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