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Your Guide to a Hotel Stay with Cash Back on the Pillow

Hotels are temporary little homes away from home. They help us stay comfortable and cozy while traveling, and our hotel experiences can really make or break a vacation or trip. Whether you’re in the middle of a long business trip, or a short weekend getaway — romantic for two, or with the entire family — you should never be paying anywhere close to full price for a hotel. There are so many little tricks to getting the best deals, and extra things you can do to add additional discounts to those deals. Here are just a few of my favorite ways to save on hotel rooms anywhere in the world.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

If you stay in hotels frequently, trust me - you’re really going to want to sign up for a free Ebates account so you can start earning money on every single stay. After you sign up at Ebates, you’ll be able to start earning a percentage back of all of your eligible hotel room bookings at so many of your favorite hotel chains or resorts. Every featured hotel or travel website offers a different percentage amount that you can earn back in the form of Cash Back. Watch for special events where Cash Back is doubled, or even tripled, too! They happen randomly and regularly throughout the year.

Book in Advance

Like most things in life, waiting until the last minute to book your hotel room can be a bad idea. Nothing can start a vacation off on the wrong foot like not being able to find a hotel room your first night after a long day on the go. Why not take the worry out of where you’ll stay, especially when it also saves you money to book in advance! Accor Hotels gives you an additional discount of up to 30% off if you book your stay with them just 30 days in advance. Some stores, like, even give you the ability to book now and cancel at any time in the future if you need to. A fee may apply in some situations, but it’s still great to know you have the option to cancel your stay, without a big loss if you need to. Book now, save now, and stay later!

Book Last Minute

While booking in advance is a good thing for your budget, sometimes the opposite is, too. Hotels offer big price cuts and special discounts on rooms booked last minute. You can find prices of up to 65% off regular hotel room prices when you shop last minute deals at CheapOAir. If you’re ever unexpectedly in need of a hotel room, shop around a bit to see if any local hotels are offering a last minute deal. Download mobile apps for hotel and travel companies to make this even more convenient to do while on the go.

Get Mobile Apps

Let’s go a little deeper with this mobile app thing. Not only can you more conveniently book a hotel via a mobile app from practically anywhere, any time, but you can also get really cool perks just for downloading an app. The Orbitz mobile app is one of my favorites because it has random 50% off deals on travel, only available on the app!

Join Rewards Clubs

Rewards clubs are so great. You can earn free rooms, entertainment tickets, dinner vouchers and so much more just for being a loyal customer. Places like Comfort Inn offer rewards with their Choice Privileges rewards club that’s free to join and automatically tracks your rewards.

If your favorite hotel doesn’t have a rewards club to join, check to see if you’re already part of another club that offers rewards. Some hotels give discounts to AAA members, or even to veterans. It never hurts to check.

Seasonal Offers

Some travel destinations are seasonally far more popular. It’s just a fact. During the coldest winter months, it isn’t surprising to see travel components like flights and hotel rooms to cold areas drop in both price and volume. A beachfront hotel isn’t going to cost the same in February as it will in July. Finding seasonal offers means that you can experience luxury accommodations in beautiful locations, but without the high price tag and traffic. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re into traveling off the main path, you can definitely find deals on off-season offers.

Use Price Match or Best Price Guarantee Policies

Whenever I see one of these at a hotel or hotel website, I know I’ll definitely be getting or be able to get the lowest price and can shop confidently, even with prices changing so quickly. The InterContinental Hotels and Resorts Best Price Guarantee will give you the first night of your stay completely free if you find a lower price elsewhere. That makes me feel so confident to book with InterContinental, and other places that offer some sort of price match guarantee, too.

Shop with Promo and Coupon Codes

Promo and coupon codes are a traveler’s dream come true. These codes are such a simple way to save so much money every single time you shop. They’re always free, always easy to use, and always come with big savings like an extra percentage off at favorite hotels or online hotel websites like Agoda, Priceline, and more. Find codes for a percentage off a suite, a discount on fees, and other useful perks.

Check out Ebates to find these codes, all conveniently in one place. Your favorite hotel website probably has a page at Ebates where you can track down all the current promo codes and special ways to save. After you find a code you want to use, just enter the code during your online checkout process and you’ll see your discounts added to your order. Codes are always being updated and changed, so check Ebates every time you book to get the best codes and biggest discount.

Sign Up for Emails and Save

One of the easiest ways to save while shopping is to join email lists at your favorite stores. It’s free, takes literally just a few seconds, and can save you money both instantly and in the future. For example, when you sign up for emails from Hotwire you’ll always know where the hottest deals on all of your travel destinations are. Different places offer different perks for email newsletter subscribers, so sign up for as many as you can to never miss a deal on a hotel room again.
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