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Tips and Tricks to Make a Splash With the Best Water Sports Deals

Long, hot summer days means more fun in the sun — and in the water. Summer is the prime time for water sports, from diving and snorkeling, to kayaking, swimming, surfing, and more. Summer is also a time for trying to stick to a good budget to get the most fun out of the warm months.

If you can’t get enough sun on your skin, warm wind in your hair, and water sports in your schedule, you’re going to want to keep reading. I’m going to share some tips with you for getting the best deals and steals on all the water sports gear and equipment you’ll need to stay afloat this season, without drowning yourself in debt.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

My number one piece of savings advice is to sign up for a free Ebates account before you do any more shopping. This will let you start earning Cash Back on every single eligible order you place at so many of the top sporting goods stores like Surf Shop, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others. Cash Back is a percentage of the total payment you make on your online order that gets deposited right back into your account; it’s just like getting an extra percentage off anything you buy online!

The amount of Cash Back you can earn at each store varies, so always check Ebates to see what you’ll earn back on your current order. There are even some special events where Cash Back is doubled, or even tripled, so you can really watch that Cash Back add up fast.

Don’t Forget to Use Promo and Coupon Codes

Another way Ebates can help you save is to check their store pages for promo and coupon codes every time you shop. Want to get 10% off your order of swimsuits from Target or a free gift with your favorite protective sunscreen from Sephora? Check their Ebates pages to see what extra savings you can add at your online checkout and marvel at what a smart shopper you’ve become! You’ll never know what amazing deals you can get, so don’t forget to scan for the best offers the next time you stock up on goggles or swim trunks.

Start Saving and Earning with Rewards Programs

If you’re big into water sports, I imagine there are a few stores you trust to provide the gear you want and will return back to whenever you need new items. If you’re a regular shopper at a certain athletics store, you should always check to see if they have a rewards program. You could be earning major savings just for shopping how you normally would!

A good example is the Fanatics Rewards program where you can get perks like 5% back on every order you place that’s $50 or more. This discount jumps to 10% off if you order $100 of gear or apparel. That’s like getting everything on sale, all the time.

Another option, The Eastbay Loyalty Club, has multiple levels in its rewards program, each with different membership benefits. Even Bass Pro Shops has an Outdoor Rewards program to help you save while shopping. Check with your favorite store that sells water sports gear to see if it offers a rewards program. If it does, join right away to start reaping your rewards.

Shop for Used Water Sports Gear

Shop for secondhand gear and you’ll get first-rate savings every time. Whether you need a “new” surfboard, a replacement water ski for your set, a swimsuit for your snorkeling adventures, or even a kayak or life vest, you can find the best savings on used gear. Shop places like eBay or Amazon for lightly used stuff and you’ll never pay full price again.

Shop Seasonal Sales

The summer water sports season is usually over way too fast if you’re living in most places that aren’t ocean getaways. This means you won’t have too long to enjoy being active in the waves before the weather starts to turn. Get a jumpstart on summer sporting while saving money by shopping seasonal sales.

At the end of summer, hold onto that last bit of heat with hot savings from your favorite stores. Now is when everything summery will start to go on sale. Buy what you’ll need for the following summer and store it safely away. You’ll save money now, and later your gear will be in perfect condition so you’ll be ready to hit the waves at the beginning of next summer. No more paying full price for things the same day you need them. Give yourself one less thing to worry about next season, while saving money this season.

Track Down Free Shipping Deals or Promo Codes

There are so many upsides to shopping online — I can avoid the long lines, getting stuck in traffic, and I don’t even need to change out of my pajamas! However, you want to make sure you’re not paying a ton for these conveniences. While you can get some of the best deals online, exorbitant shipping costs can wipe out the savings you just earned! Check to see if you can get free shipping at any of your favorite online stores, or bundle your orders together to hit the free shipping minimum. If you find something you love but the store doesn’t offer free shipping, don’t forget to see if they have a free shipping promo or coupon code you can apply! Eastbay offers these codes pretty regularly, so always check for one before paying to have something sent to you.

Shop Clearance, Outlet, and Sale Sections

It sounds a little obvious, but it bears mentioning as so many people overlook the amazing savings you can find in the sale, clearance, and outlet sections. I always check here first because it’s such an easy way to make sure you never miss an amazing deal on the equipment that you need. Find markdowns on your favorite sandals and sunglasses at Champs Sports, or prep your backyard for the summer with a discount from Specialty Pool Products. It’s so easy to save when you check these sections for the best prices.

Sign Up for Emails and Get Discounts

Lots of stores that sell water sports gear will give you a discount right away when you sign up to receive their email communications and online newsletters. Not only can you get an initial discount, but it’ll also help keep you up to date with the latest promotions, product releases, sales, and so much more going on at your favorite summer sports stores. Check the websites of your top shops for water sports to see if you can get rewarded for sharing your email address.
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