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Take a Swing at Our Great Everyday Shopping Deals on Golf

Golfing is one of those sports you either love or couldn’t care less about. If you’re reading this article, you probably love it, or love someone who loves it. You also probably love saving money and being a smart shopper. Well, you’re in the right spot.

I’m going to share some of my best savings tips on how to get the best golf gear for the best prices, all while saving money and even earning money every time you shop at your favorite online stores. Keep reading to find out how.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Honestly, I know it sounds too good to be true, but my favorite way to save is to actually earn money just for shopping. There’s a site called Ebates, and when you create a free Ebates account and shop through them, they’ll take a percentage of the money you spend on golf gear and deposit it straight back into your account. The more money you spend, the more money you’ll earn back. Thousands of stores are featured on Ebates, including many that sell golf gear like Edwin Watts Golf and Dick’s Sporting Goods, so be sure to make Ebates your first stop before you shop.

The amount of Cash Back you can earn at each store varies, so always check Ebates to see what you’ll earn back on your current order and maybe do a quick price comparison to see which store will give you the most savings. There are even some special events where Cash Back is doubled, or even tripled, so you can really watch that Cash Back add up.

Don’t Forget to Use Promo and Coupon Codes

Promo and coupon codes are one of the easiest ways to save while shopping online. It never fails to impress me how adding a simple code to your online order can instantly add extra discounts, bonus savings, and other excellent perks to your online shopping cart. If you aren’t using these codes regularly, you really need to be. Just try it once and you’ll understand why.

You can find all the promo and coupon codes organized in an easy-to-read list at store pages on Ebates. When you find a code you want to use, just enter the code during your online checkout, then the savings and discounts will automatically be added to your order. Check Ebates often to always get the most current codes and the best deals.

Start Saving and Earning with Rewards Programs

Rewards clubs are a really easy and fun way to get rewarded for shopping for golf gear, apparel, and accessories. So many stores have rewards programs these days, and they’re always worth looking into. These programs are so popular with shoppers, and really earn their hype by rewarding loyal customers.

The Eastbay Loyalty Club has multiple levels in its rewards program, each with different membership benefits. Even Bass Pro Shops has an Outdoor Rewards program to help you save while shopping. Check with your favorite store that sells golf gear to see if it offers a rewards program. If it does, definitely consider joining it so you can start making the most of every golf order you place.

Shop for Used Golf Gear

Shop for secondhand golfing gear and you’ll get first-rate savings every time. Whether you need a “new” set of clubs, a bag, new tees, or anything else, you can find the best savings on used gear. Shop places like eBay, and even Amazon, for lightly used stuff and you’ll never pay full price again. I found my favorite set of vintage golf clubs on eBay a few summers ago and the set always gets so many compliments. Nobody knows that it also cost me about a quarter of what a new, standard set of clubs would have cost me, so I double-scored there! Whether you’re looking for savings or just something unique, check out secondhand sites like eBay for deals and diversity of products.

Shop Seasonal Sales

Golf season is usually over way too fast, if you ask me, but shopping seasonal sales can help you get a jumpstart on the short season. Find great golfing gear on sale at the end of summertime. By ordering your golfing gear at a seasonal sale, you’ll end up saving money and time when the next golf season rolls around. Plus, you can find prices of up to 80% off during seasonal sales at favorite stores like Champs Sports and Steiner Sports.

Track Down Free Shipping Deals or Promo Codes

Free shipping deals are the ultimate way to save while shopping online. Think about it — not only are you saving time and gas money by skipping a trip to the store, but you’re actually not having to pay a penny extra for these conveniences. If you can’t find free shipping at a specific store, check to see if you can find a promo code for free shipping or try to bundle your items to reach a free shipping minimum.

Shop Clearance, Outlet, and Sale Sections

If you aren’t shopping the sale, clearance, and outlet sections first, you’re missing out on some big savings. Shopping these sections is such an easy way to make sure you never miss an amazing deal on the equipment that you need. Find markdowns on your favorite golf shoes at Adidas Golf, or a colorful set of novelty tees at Callaway Golf. I do most of my holiday shopping in the sale section so I can buy more gifts and better gifts for all the golf fans on my list, and I can tell you that we all appreciate it.

Sign Up for Emails and Get Discounts

Lots of stores that sell golf gear will give you a discount right away when you sign up to receive their online newsletters and other company emails. Signing up will give you way more than that discount, though. You’ll also start being kept up to date with the latest promotions, product releases, sales, and so much more going on at your favorite sports stores that sell golf gear. Visit the website for your favorite golf store or store that sells golf gear to see if you can save by signing up.
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