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Put Your Budget into High Gear with these Cycling Deal Tips

Sports and workout gear can get so expensive — especially cycling gear. Whether you’re trying to get into cycling as a new hobby, or you are a seasoned vet to the pedal, you’re going to want to find ways to save money while you spin those wheels. Luckily, there are so many different ways to save at your favorite stores while buying the cycling gear you want, need, and just absolutely have to have. Here are a few tips for getting cycling gear on the cheap all year round.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

This might be my favorite way to save money almost every single time I shop. It’s actually more like earning money than saving, which makes it so much more fun for some reason. It works like this:

When you shop online, sign up for Ebates and you’ll be able to start earning a percentage back of your eligible orders at so many awesome stores you trust and rely on for your cycling gear. Every store offers a different percentage amount that you can earn back in the form of Cash Back, so just check Ebates to see how much you’ll earn back.

Cash Back is automatically added to your Ebates account not too long after you finish placing your order. I couldn’t believe how fast my Cash Back started adding up as soon as I got an Ebates account and just keep shopping how I usually do. It feels like I’m getting paid to shop!

Shop Seasonal Sales

While cycling is a year-round activity for most people, others may keep this fun form of fitness for the warmer summer months. This means that most stores that sell cycling gear have seasonal sales around this time. Pre-summer sales help you get ready to ride in style, while end of summer sales are a time when you can stock up on some basics or snag that expensive but amazing item you’ve been eyeing up all summer at a price you can’t help but grab. There’s even a Winterfest Sale at Patagonia, so you’ll never be without a seasonal sale.

Shop Clearance, Outlet, and Sale Sections

Before you check out any full-priced cycling gear, check out sale, clearance, and outlet sections. You’ll find markdowns in the outlet section of, as well as their sale section. Head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods and find new sale items all the time. Some stores even have web-only sales for all of us online shoppers, like the Patagonia web-exclusive deals.

Always look for a sale or clearance tab when you’re browsing stores that sell cycling gear. You never know when you’ll find a closeout deal on exactly what you’re looking for.

Use Store Credit Cards

Cycling gear can get pretty expensive, which means you can earn a lot of rewards points if you put your order on a store credit card. Many stores, like Macy’s, that have impressive athletic departments usually have great incentives in place for both opening and using a store card. You could get amazing perks like 10% off your entire first order, or points earned for every dollar spent that you can later cash in for store credit. Whether you plan on placing one extra large order or becoming a regular at a store, a store-specific credit card can be an easy way to save money and even boost your credit every time you shop.

Join Rewards Clubs

Even if you don’t have or want a store credit card, you can still get rewarded for shopping at your favorite stores. Look for rewards clubs where you’ll get a little something special as a reward for being a loyal customer. For example, Nike offers its free Nike+ account where you can get free returns on online orders, promotional pricing, news on new products, and more. It’s so worth it to take a few minutes to sign up for these programs at places you shop — even if it’s just a one time thing.

Shop with Promo and Coupon Codes

Finding promo and coupon codes for cycling gear is so easy to do with Ebates. They’re always free to use, and can save you SO much money. Head over to the Ebates pages for some of your top stores for shopping for cycling gear and see what promo codes you can find. Get an extra 15% off an electric bicycle at PUBLIC Bikes with a code, or free shipping codes at Merlin Cycles. After you find a code you want to use, just enter the code when you complete your online checkout and you’ll see your discounts, special savings, and perks added to your order. It’s easy to forget to use these codes, so always remind yourself before a shopping excursion. I write a reminder note and stick it on my computer screen the night before I know I’ll be shopping so I won’t ever forget.

Sign Up for Store Emails and Save

Stores that sell cycling gear, like Competitive Cyclist and Performance Bicycle, also tend to have email lists where you can sign up to get news about store happenings, new products, and of course, sales. Signing up for these emails has two really sweet perks. First, you’ll get that news I just mentioned, as well as occasional special prices, promotions, and early access to sales. Second, you’ll also possibly be able to get a discount just for signing up, like a code for 20% off any one item, or 10% off the very first order you place after signing up. It’s a quick way to be able to save money right now, and down the road.

Look for Free Shipping Deals or Promo Codes

Some stores always offer free shipping, while others only offer it on certain items or if you spend over a certain amount of money. Patagonia, for example, gives free shipping on orders over $75. It’s always smart to hunt down these shipping deals, or take advantage of them when you can, so you can save even more.

Shop Second Hand

When it comes to cycling gear, sometimes second hand is a great option. You can find lightly used gear and accessories at places like eBay and Amazon. You know you’ll never pay anything close to full price on an item, and it’s pretty cool to think that you’re giving a second chance to some cycling equipment that still has plenty of cycles left.
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