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Hit a Home Run Deal on Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball Gear

Have more fun for less money when you shop for your baseball, softball, and t-ball equipment online at favorite stores like Eastbay, Cabela’s, and thousands more. Find ultra-low prices and add on extra savings like coupon codes, Cash Back, and new shopper deals on all the must-have equipment and gear for your favorite games.

Here are a few of my favorite winning ways to save money while getting my sport on.

How to Earn Cash Back at Ebates

The next time you shop online for your baseball, softball, and t-ball gear, how about earning some money while you shop? I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually real! Cash Back at Ebates will give you a percentage back of every eligible order you place at your favorite online stores, all just for shopping. This Cash Back gets added to your Ebates account shortly after you complete checkout. All you have to do is make a free account at Ebates and shop online to save.

New Shopper Perks

If you’re a new shopper at a store, you might get rewarded for it. Easton offers new customers a 20% off discount plus free shipping on their first order! Even if you have a favorite store for buying your baseball, softball, and t-ball equipment, it can really pay off to shop around and take advantage of new customer deals all over the place.

Shop for Used Equipment

Check for deals on used baseball, softball, and t-ball equipment. You can pick up items like baseball gloves, bats, and more at places like eBay and Amazon and save a ton of money versus buying them brand new. Plus, it’s fun to think that maybe your used glove belonged to one of the greats, or just a really cool sports fan like yourself.

Watch for Seasonal Sales

Summertime is the right time for playing baseball, softball, and t-ball. At the end of the season, shop for deals on baseball equipment, softball apparel, and t-ball gear that you can stash and store until the weather warms up again.

Join Store Rewards Programs or Get Store Credit Cards

If you’ve found your favorite place to shop for baseball, softball, and t-ball equipment, check to see if they have any rewards programs available so you can start regularly earning rewards on all of your orders. Rewards programs can either be part of your store credit card or programs on their own. The Target REDcard, for example, gives you a 5% discount every time you use it to place an order while Baseball Rampage’s rewards club gives you 5% back on every order you place at the store, whether on a credit card or using cash. Loyal shoppers usually get rewarded, so if that sounds like you, check to see if you can get any special perks at your favorite stores!

Sign up for Store Emails and Save

Saving money can really be as easy as signing up for an email list when you shop online. Many places these days will offer a 10% or 15% discount just for your email address! Next time you’re checking out a new online store, be sure to see if you can snag one of these discounts. Additionally, signing up for emails can keep you in the loop about all the best sales, specials, new products, and more at that particular store. Never miss out on a sale again by staying updated on all the best prices.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

If you haven’t been using promo and coupon codes for all your online shopping, you’re totally missing out. Just apply one of these codes during checkout and the discount will immediately be added to your order. Find codes for top baseball, softball, and t-ball equipment stores like Dunham’s Sports when you check out their store pages on Ebates, and you could get dollars off your order, a free gift, or a percentage discount and more.

Look for Free Shipping

Shipping and handling costs can be a real downside to shopping online. That’s why I recommend looking for stores that offer free shipping, either on every order, on orders over a minimum amount that you know you’ll spend. You can also often find coupon and promo codes for free shipping if the store doesn’t already offer it.

Bonus tip: If you’re ever concerned about having to return an item you’re shopping for, such as if you’re ordering cleats in a slightly different size than you usually wear, or a new bat that you aren’t positive about liking, look for stores that offer free returns, too.

Don’t Forget About Price Adjustment Guarantees

How many times have you bought something only to see it go on sale the very next day? Luckily, lots of stores will offer a price adjustment guarantee where you can get the sale price if you miss it by so many days. Other stores, like, offer a price match guarantee where you can get the sale price if you notice that something you order goes on sale at a competitor’s store within 48 hours of your order being placed.
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