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Win the Savings Game on All New Apparel and Accessories

Shopping for sports apparel and accessories can really give your budget a workout. Luckily, there are so many winning ways to score incredible deals when you shop online for all the apparel and accessories you need to stay in motion.

Check out these tips for how to stretch your dollars and save on accessories and apparel from your favorite athletic brands like L.L.Bean, Carhartt, and more.

How to Earn Cash Back at Ebates

It might be hard to believe, but it’s actually possible to earn money while you shop with Cash Back at Ebates. It sounds too good to be true, but as you shop online, Ebates automatically takes a percentage of your order total and gives it right back to you in the form of Cash Back. And even better, during special promotional events you can earn double or even triple Cash Back percentages. Check out the store pages on Ebates for stores that sell apparel and accessories to see what the current Cash Back rate is.

The more you shop online, the faster you’ll be able to watch your Ebates Cash Back balance grow and the more you’ll earn while saving, just for being a smart shopper.

Don’t Forget About Price Adjustment Guarantees

How many times have you bought something only to notice it go on sale the very next day? Lots of stores will offer a price adjustment guarantee where you can still get the sale price if you miss it by a certain number of days. Other stores, like Backcountry, offer a price match guarantee where you can get the sale price if you notice that something you order goes on sale at a competitor’s store within 48 hours of your order being placed. These programs can really make a difference when it comes to your average shopping savings, so always check to see if the store where you order your apparel and accessories offers a price adjustment guarantee. If it does, check to see if your order goes on sale within the timeframe outlined in the store’s price adjustment policy. If it does, you can get sales prices without even shopping the sales!

Use Promo and Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

Whenever I shop online, promo and coupon codes are one of the best and easiest ways that I save. Between dollars off orders, percentage discounts, and free gifts, I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved by using them regularly! Just apply one of these codes during your online checkout and the discount will immediately be added to your order. Find codes for top apparel and accessories stores like Eddie Bauer and Athleta when you check out their store pages on Ebates.

Sign up for Store Emails

If you regularly shop for apparel and accessories, signing up for emails from stores like Active Ride and ASICS can keep you in the loop about all the best sales, specials, new products, and more. Lots of stores will also send you a coupon code that’s good for a discount on your next order, like a 10% off code or free shipping, free gifts, and more. What an easy way to save!

Look for Free Shipping

Paying for shipping can really add up over time and kill your overall shopping savings, as well as your shopping budget. Be a smart shopper and only order from places that offer free shipping, either on every order, on orders over a minimum amount that you know you’ll spend. If you find something you really like at a store that doesn’t offer free shipping, see if you can find coupon and promo codes for free shipping as a last resort — many stores offer them to stay competitive with other stores.

Bonus tip: If you’re ever concerned about having to return an item you’re shopping for, such as if you’re ordering shoes in a slightly different size than you usually wear or a color that you aren’t positive about liking, look for stores that offer free returns, too.

Sign up for Store Rewards Programs

If you’ve found your favorite place to shop for apparel and accessories, check to see if they have any rewards programs available so you can start regularly earning rewards on all of your orders. Rewards programs can either be part of your store credit card or a program on their own. The Target REDcard, for example, gives you a 5% discount every time you use it to place an order while the Cabela’s rewards club gives you Cabela’s Bucks for every dollar you spend, whether on a Cabela’s credit card or not. As soon as you earn a particular number of points, you get store credit that you can put towards a future order.
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