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  • 10% Cash Back on everything else
  • 1% Cash Back on Specials by

Special Terms: Cash Back not available on iPhone and Android mobile application downloads or Double Deals by Cash Back not available for products on Specials by where the transaction occurs on a different website.

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Ebates Members have been cashing in since 1999. Here's what members have earned so far from

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Cash Back will be automatically added to your Ebates account in a few days. > Your Guide to Deals on Good Eats at

Your Guide to Deals on Good Eats at

If you’re a foodie, or aspiring to be one, spend some time on Here, you can find all the hottest and hidden gem restaurants in your local area, along with information, menus, reviews, and most importantly, big savings. Find coupons for your favorite restaurant, or specials at some new place you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t justify spending all that money on. is famous for having incredible eGift Card deals and specials that will give you flexibility on what restaurants you save the most at so you have freedom of choice in your meals.

Here are just a few of the ways that can improve your culinary lifestyle on a dime.

How to Get Cash Back at

To save money and earn money while dining like royalty, always shop at through Ebates. When you do this, you’ll get a percentage back of every eligible order you place, every single time. This Cash Back is a really amazing perk that Ebates provides to savvy online shoppers like us. All you have to do is remember to start shopping by either going to the page at Ebates and clicking Shop Now, or by downloading the Ebates web browser plug-in. With that plug-in, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on Cash Back at Ebates.

Cheap Gift Certificates is known for its amazing gift certificates. I’m talking $25 gift certificates for only $10, or even as low as $4. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift for someone else, these deals really can’t be beat. These gift certificates make it easy to try an abundance of new restaurants, a variety of cuisines, and unique eateries without exhausting your entertainment or food budget for the month. Always take a look to see what the current gift certificate promotions are to maximize your savings. You can buy them for yourself or as an amazing gift for someone in your life.

eGift Card Promotions and Savings has a Specials page where you can find eGift Cards that can then be applied toward the order of restaurant voucher coupons so you can really get some amazing savings. The coolest thing about these eGift Cards is that they never expire, so you don’t have to worry about using them if you don’t want to. Save them for something special! You can also spread them out instead of having to use them all in one place, which is really convenient. Check the Specials page often so you never miss out when these eGift Cards roll around. You can combine them with others, so there’s no such thing as buying too many.

Use the Mobile App to Save

Download the mobile app and you’ll never be left hungry again. The app conveniently and easily lets you know about all of the deals going on at restaurants in your local area and beyond. There are daily deals here that update every 24 hours, and weekly deals that change every single week, all offering huge savings and discounts on the best food in town. Keeping the app on hand on your smartphone means that you can check on the fly to see if there’s a deal that you could use right away while you’re out and about in town. This mobile app also ensures that you never miss a deal simply because you’re on the road or away from a computer. The free app can help you save money on going out for dinner while you’re on your way out to dinner!

Watch for Promo and Coupon Codes on Ebates

Before you finalize your order at, head on over to the page at Ebates to see what the current promo and coupon codes are. All you have to do is enter one of these codes at the checkout page when you complete your order and you’ll be able to take advantage of so many extra savings and discounts. You can also get extra discounts, bonus eGift Cards, and so much more. This is also an easy way to see what all the current sales and promotions are, like specific discounts available at your favorite local joints.

Start earning while you're saving on the best deals on meals by taking advantage of Ebates Cash Back and coupon codes with!

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