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Cash Back Terms

Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on First Class airfare tickets, Business Class airfare tickets, taxes, insurance, fees, canceled orders, phone orders, and event tickets.

Special Terms: Cash Back is not available on travel insurance, phone orders, any carrier fees, and orders placed through Priceline's mobile app.

Cash Back Facts

Ebates Members have been cashing in since 1999. Here's what members have earned so far from Priceline:

Average Cash Back
per order
Total Cash Back
to date

Cash Back will be added to your Ebates account within 3 months after travel has been completed.

Priceline > Keep Your Vacations on Budget with Our Priceline Guide

Keep Your Vacations on Budget with Our Priceline Guide is known not only for their funny TV commercials, but also for having amazing deals on everything travel-related, from flights and hotels to rental cars and cruises. The next time you’re planning a trip, whether it is a 2-day business trip or a 2-week international vacation of your dreams, don’t book anything until you check out the deals on Priceline.

The popular Name Your Own Price® feature is fun to use and gives you some incredible deals instantly. Save big on last minute travel specials for those unexpected events or random bouts of spontaneity.

The more you save on basic trip planning and logistics, the more you’ll have to enjoy while traveling. Treat yourself to an extra fancy dinner with the money you save on your flight, and pick up some souvenirs for your friends and family with the money you didn’t have to spend on your hotel.

Here are some of the ways that Priceline helps you save money and plan your travels with the most ease and convenience.

How to Get Cash Back from Priceline

Before you make your travel plans you have to check out Priceline, and before you check out Priceline you have to do so through Ebates. You’ll get a percentage Cash Back when you shop at Priceline through Ebates that’ll make saving money a breeze. Between the tremendous savings found on Priceline and Cash Back from Ebates, you’ll be able to take more vacations each year and enjoy them even more without worrying about breaking your travel budget.

Save Up to 60% Off Hotels

Get immediate, amazing deals on mystery hotels with an Express Deal hotel. You’ll get to pick the neighborhood, amenities, and see how much the hotel costs before you book it. You won’t know the specific hotel name until after you order the room. However, I’ve done this deal dozens of times and have always been thrilled with the quality of hotel I’ve ended up with, and the amount of money I’ve saved. Plus, getting a mystery hotel is fun and exciting, and takes some pressure off of you to pick the right one. Let Priceline pick where you stay and you and your wallet will both be happy.

Save Up to 40% on Rental Cars

The Name Your Own Price® feature works for rental cars, too. Just choose which airport or city location you’d like to rent a car from, choose the car class you’d like, and enter a price that you’d like to pay. You just might get lucky and get your perfect deal! There are also great deals to search through without naming your own price. If you need or want a specific type of vehicle for your trip, Priceline gives you the ability to search through the entire available rental car inventory and select the exact vehicle you want to rent.

Save Up to 40% on Flights

Many discount travel websites give you great deals on flights, but only give you flights with long or multiple layovers, or red-eye flights at awkward and inconvenient hours. Priceline gives you access to all available flight itineraries — not just the ones nobody really wants — at prices up to 40% off what you’d spend on other websites. You’ll get to pick the itinerary for both directions of your flight, and one-way flights are also available at discounted rates.

Do a Name Your Own Price® deal with your flight and see if you can get the price of your dreams.

Save on Travel Bundles

With Priceline, the more pieces of your travel that you buy, the more you will save. To get the best prices across the board, go for a combined deal with your flight, hotel room, and rental car all in one. You will save hundreds of dollars doing it this way. It can handle the logistics of your trip easily and conveniently with time and money to spare.

Look for special package deals to save the most on each component of your travels. You’ll still get awesome savings on individual components if you only need a car or a flight, but booking in bulk really bulks up your savings.

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