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Get Rebates on Your Refunds With These Tax Preparation Tips

There’s really not much that’s fun about tax time. Not only are you brutally reminded of all the tax money you’ve paid throughout the year, but you have to shell out even more just to file your taxes and get some money back. However, saving money is fun, and that’s what I’m here to tell you how to do. Saving money on tax prep services will be helpful for keeping your annual budget in good shape while at the same time taking some of the pain out of tax season this year.

Keep as much of your money as possible by following these quick and easy money-saving tips at the top online tax prep services.

How to Earn Cash Back at Ebates

With Cash Back at Ebates, you can actually earn money simply for shopping online as you normally would — all you have to do is place your orders through your desired store’s Ebates page. While you shop, Ebates calculates a percentage of your order and gives that amount right back to you as Cash Back. Different stores offer different percentages back, and sometimes Ebates holds events where Cash Back rates are doubled or even tripled for a very limited amount of time. Head to your favorite tax prep service’s page on Ebates to see what the current Cash Back rate is so you’ll know how much you’re getting back from Ebates while getting your money back from the IRS.

Utilize Free Trials or Consultation Services

A lot of online tax preparation services will give you a free trial before asking you to commit. This is a good way to see if the service is right for you before you spend any money. Not spending money on things you don’t really want or like is the same as saving money, so we really like these free trial deals. H&R Block offers a free consultation for small business owners so you can see if the service is the smart choice for you to spend your money on. Taking advantage of trials like this can help you find the right service, the right company, and the best price available for your needs before you invest any money.

Download and Use Free Apps

Most tax preparation services come with free apps and mobile access that you can use to conveniently interact with the services on the go. I’ve even done my taxes on a busy city subway before using a tax prep service mobile app, so anything is possible. These apps not only save you time and money by being streamlined and easy to use, but they also sometimes come with app-exclusive savings or discounts on services. Check to see if your tax preparation service comes with a free app, and if it does, always download it and use it. If nothing else, it’ll save you time, and you know what they say about that!

Use Promo and Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

Find promo and coupon codes online that are good for a discount on your tax preparation services by checking the Ebates pages for your favorite online tax prep companies. You might find that TaxAct is offering a code for 10% off any order, or that e-File has codes for a whopping 30% off services and discounted state filing. But remember, these promos change frequently, so make sure to grab the best deals when you see them!

Check Ebates for a selection of current promo codes from your favorite tax prep services. Once you use these codes a few times and see how much money they can save you, you’ll never want to do your taxes without them again. They’re always being updated and new codes are regularly added, so check back every tax season or every time you need a service provided by a tax preparation company.

Shop Around for the Best Sales

TurboTax, Free Tax USA, and many others all run sales, promotions, and price specials right around tax season, which is exactly when you need their services the most. Because each company is competing for your business, you can really benefit as a customer. Price compare with all the main tax prep services to see which store is offering the best sale, best promo code, and highest rate of Cash Back. One company may seem like a steal when looking at the sale prices, but another company may have a promo code that really makes it the best value.

By combining as many of these money-saving tips as possible into one order or one shopping spree, you’ll get to save money while earning money, all while getting your taxes over and done and your refund on its way.
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