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Duplicate Big Discounts With These Deals on Copiers

Whether you’re shopping for a new copier for your personal home office, small corporate office, or large organization, there are a number of smart and simple ways to save on this important piece of equipment. Keep reading to find out some of the tips and tricks to getting a new copier without breaking your personal budget or your company’s budget.

How to Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Cash Back at Ebates is my favorite way to save every time I shop. With Cash Back, you simply have to visit your favorite store’s Ebates page and shop as you normally would, and Ebates automatically calculates a percentage of your order and deposits it into your Ebates account. When your Ebates account has enough Cash Back in it, you can get the Cash Back sent to you as money you can spend anywhere you want.

The percentage you’ll get back differs from store to store, and can even differ throughout the year during special events where Cash Back amounts can be doubled or even tripled. Head to any of the thousands of partnered store pages at Ebates to see what the current Cash Back rate is and start shopping.

Shop Used

Shopping for used office equipment, including copiers, is a simple way to save. Oftentimes you can find used equipment that’s still under warranty or is only slightly used yet comes with a huge discount in price from the brand new models. Check out eBay and Amazon for deals on used copiers.

Shop Refurbished

Refurbished copiers will be priced far lower than non-refurbished ones yet will still come with the peace of mind that they’ll work as good as new. Certified techs generally inspect refurbished copiers, and they usually come with a warranty or some sort of guarantee. Find refurbished copiers at office supply stores where copiers are sold, like Dell Small Business and

Shop for Closeout or Clearance Deals

Lots of stores that sell copiers have an outlet or clearance section. Technology changes so fast, even when it comes to copiers, so these items tend to get marked down rather quickly. Check out the clearance section at the Newegg outlet for massive savings on trusted copiers.

Find Free Shipping

Paying for shipping costs can really add up over time and cancel out the rest of the savings you’ll get by shopping online. To avoid this, always look for stores that offer free shipping or the best shipping deal possible. You may be able to find a promo code on Ebates for free shipping as well.

Bonus tip: If you’re not 100% certain you’ll be 100% satisfied with the copier you’re buying, look for a store that offers free returns, or at least has a good return policy. Nothing can completely kill your savings faster than having to pay for expensive return shipping, or not being able to return something at all, especially when it’s a heavy and expensive item like a copier.

Join Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are such an easy way to get rewarded for shopping. Each store’s program is structured a bit differently, but they all have one thing in common — huge savings for you!

Best Buy, for example, gives you points for every order, and when you save up 250 points, you’ll get a $5 gift card. The Dell Advantage Rewards program gives shoppers an automatic 5% off every order with the ability to move up to a higher level of rewards and save 10%.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

When it comes to saving money online, promo and coupon codes really take the cake. There are codes for all kinds of savings, like percentage-off or dollars-off your order, free shipping, and even free gifts. Find these codes all in one place and conveniently organized at Ebates. After you find a code you want to use, just enter it during online checkout and the savings will automatically be added to your order! It’s that simple, and the savings are always amazing.

Use Your Store Credit Cards

It’s way too easy to forget to use your store credit cards, but this oversight could be costing you discounts and savings that you could and should be earning! Store credit cards have big incentives attached to them to get shoppers to open cared and use them regularly. Some of these incentives include the ability to earn points for every dollar you spend on your card that you can cash in later for free store credit.

If you don’t have a store credit card, consider opening one. Lots of stores will give you a discount on the first order you place with your card, like 10% or more off your entire first order, which can be a big deal when shopping for expensive items like copiers.

Wait for Sale Events

Wait and watch for sale events on copiers, like Cyber Monday savings at Office Depot and OfficeMax, or a Staples back-to-school sale. You can get serious savings here, and even additional discounts on on-sale items.

Finding something on sale then combining your store credit card rewards, a money-saving promo code, and Cash Back earnings can mean the biggest deals ever for you on the copier you need to stay efficient and functioning.
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