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Cash Back Terms

  • 6% Cash Back on developer/visual studio, Windows, Software, Office non-subscription
  • 4.5% Cash Back on apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, band, phones, phone accessories, services
  • 3.5% Cash Back on Surface, Surface Pro, Surface accessories
  • 2% Cash Back on gaming, Xbox, Xbox games, gaming accessories, Xbox live subscriptions
  • 1% Cash Back on PCs, PC hardware, PC accessories
  • $7.50 Cash Back on Office 365 yearly subscription
  • $5.00 Cash Back on Office 365 monthly subscription
  • $2.50 Cash Back on Groove Music Pass monthly and yearly

Exclusions: Cash Back is only available on the first month of Office 365 subscriptions (monthly or yearly). Cash Back is not available on renewals of Office 365 subscriptions. Orders deemed by Microsoft to be used for reselling purposes are not eligible for earning Cash Back. PC and Xbox purchases will be limited to 5 a month of the same SKU.

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Microsoft Store offers free shipping on every order.

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Microsoft Store > Black Friday Guide to Saving at Microsoft Store

Black Friday Guide to Saving at Microsoft Store

Skip the long lines and never-ending traffic by shopping for your new computer from your old computer (and your couch). This holiday, give your friends and family their favorite gifts by shopping the Black Friday deals online at the Microsoft Store. You’ll find savings on big ticket items like new computer systems and gaming consoles, as well as deals on all the must-have accessories, games, and more.

You’ll skip the stress and save your time when you shop online, which is priceless. With these Black Friday shopping tips, you’ll be saving so much money as well.

Research Specs Before Shopping

Buying electronics is a pretty serious thing. There are so many different options for computers, from the perfect commuter tablet to the serious desktop meant for designing. Before you start your Black Friday electronics shopping, know exactly what parameters you’re shopping within. Do you have a price limit? Minimum processor speed requirement? Do you need something with a specific number of USB ports, or a certain screen size?

Do as much research as you can about what products are currently available at the Microsoft Store so that when shopping day comes around, you won’t waste time looking up specs and features. You’ll also get a better idea of what certain products and features are worth on the market, so you’ll know if that Black Friday deal is really such a great price.

Stick to a Game Plan

If you tell yourself you’re going to buy a new laptop, a smaller flat-screen TV, an external hard drive, and a new DVD player, and that your budget is under $1,500, stick to this. It’s okay to leave yourself some wiggle room for something you may have forgotten you need, or if you spot a deal that really is too good to pass up. However, generally, you should make a list and stick to it so you don’t end up going overboard and buying things you definitely don’t need.

Free Returns

The Microsoft Store offers free returns on items ordered during the Black Friday sale. This means you can be a little more lenient when it comes to buying something you think you’ll love but aren’t quite sure about. The only thing that’s better than a huge sale is one that’s risk-free.

Check Competitors’ Prices

Comparing prices only takes a few minutes or even seconds, and can save you so much money. Just open a few browser tabs while shopping online and when you find something you want to order, do a quick check at other comparable stores to see what price they offer. You’ll either find out that you’re definitely getting the best price or that you need to look elsewhere.

Earn Cash Back

Get a boost to your Black Friday savings when you earn Cash Back at Ebates on every eligible order placed at the Microsoft Store. Earn a percentage Cash Back on your orders of items like phones, PCs, games, accessories, and so much more, and earn a dollar amount back on select software subscriptions. While getting your Black Friday savings, you can be making money back on every order you place.

Use Coupon and Promo Codes

Before starting your Black Friday shopping session, head over to the Microsoft Store’s page at Ebates. Here’s where you’ll find a list of all the currently active promo and coupon codes that you can use for orders at the Microsoft Store, neatly organized and ready to be applied at checkout. These codes can give you incredible savings on items like game consoles, computer accessories, and more.

Shop the Sale Section

Black Friday sales sometimes make the prices of things already on sale even more unbelievable. Before you start looking at all the new items that are now offered at a discount, go check out the sale section to see those already discounted prices drop even lower.

Shop Refurbished Items

If you want to save some extra money on top of the Black Friday discounts, check to see if you can find refurbished items. These items are always tested by certified technicians and come with a great warranty. They also tend to be priced significantly lower than non-refurbished items.

Microsoft Store Rewards Savings

It’s free and easy to join the Microsoft Rewards program, and you’ll start saving up points on all of your orders, including your Black Friday orders. Don’t let the excitement of shopping make you forget to take advantage of this and other rewards programs.

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