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How to Pitch the Best Deal on Suits and Suit Separates

A well fitting suit is the male equivalent of a woman’s little black dress, which means no man’s closet is complete without a good, classic suit. They’re an investment in your style, from helping you nail an interview for your dream job to celebrating special moments with your closest friends and family members.

Whether this is going to be your very first suit or you’re getting ready to look your best to celebrate your own retirement, read on for some tips on how to save money while suiting up.

How to Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to shop? Yeah, me too. Cash Back at Ebates is the closest most of us may ever get to that dream coming true. Cash Back is really an amazing addition to shopping and saving online, and here’s why.

It works like this: You shop as you normally do, and Ebates automatically calculates a percentage of your order and gives it right back to you as Cash Back. The percentage you’ll get back differs from store to store, and can even differ throughout the year periodically or during special events where Cash Back amounts can be doubled or even tripled.

When your Ebates account has enough Cash Back in it, you can get the Cash Back sent to you as money you can spend anywhere you want. Check out Ebates for more information on this amazing way to earn Cash Back while shopping.

Sign-up Savings

Lots of places will give you a special discount code if you just sign up to receive their emails. Bloomingdale’s even offers a 15% off discount to shoppers who sign up to receive text message alerts about sales and promotions! If you see a special like this available when you’re shopping for suits and separates, make sure you sign up. Suits and separates can get pretty expensive, so every discount is welcomed, and even just 10% or 15% off can make for some serious savings. Plus, you’ll be in the know for future savings at that store.

Free Shipping Savings Add Up

Paying for shipping costs can really add up over time and cancel out the rest of the savings you’ll get by shopping online. To counter this, always look for stores that offer free shipping or the best shipping deal possible. You may be able to find a promo code on Ebates for free shipping as well.

Bonus tip: If you’re not 100% certain you’ll be 100% satisfied with the suits and separates you’re buying, look for a store that offers free returns, or at least has a return policy. Nothing can kill your average savings faster than having to pay for expensive return shipping, or not being able to return something at all, especially when it’s an expensive suit.

Join Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are such an easy way to get rewarded for shopping. Each store’s program is structured a bit differently, but they all have one thing in common — huge savings for you! The American Eagle rewards program, for example, gives you points for every dollar you spend. Every three months, your points are tallied and you’re given a discount coupon that gets better the more you spend. The Neiman Marcus InCircle rewards program gives you free gift wrapping, free 2-day shipping, and points on every dollar spent.

There are so many of these money-saving programs available, so always check to see if you can join one when you’re shopping for suits and separates and other more expensive orders.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes When Shopping Online

Promo codes are one of the best things ever when it comes to saving money online. If you’ve ever used them, you know what I mean. If you’re new to them, get ready to be blown away! Head over to Ebates and look at any of the pages for your favorite stores that sell suits and separates, like Nordstrom, J.Crew, or EXPRESS. You may be able to find promo or coupon codes that are good for serious discounts, like an extra 40% off all sale merchandise, free shipping, or a percentage off an order over a certain amount.

After you find a code you want to use, just enter it during online checkout and the savings will automatically be added to your order! It’s that simple, and the savings are always amazing.

Use Your Store Credit Cards

If you have a store credit card, you really should be using it whenever you shop at that store. This will make sure you get the rewards you deserve for being a loyal and smart shopper. Store credit cards almost always come with really generous incentives to get shoppers to open them and use them regularly. Some commonly seen incentives with store cards include the ability to earn points for every dollar you spend on your card that you can cash in later for free shopping credits or extra discount coupons.

If you don’t have a store credit card, consider opening one. Lots of stores will give you a discount on the first order you place with your card, like 10% or more off your entire first order, which can be a big deal when shopping for expensive items like a high-end, designer suit.

Check to see if your store credit card is good to use at any other related stores. For example, if you have a Gap card, you can also use it at Banana Republic, where a different selection of suits and separates are sold. This versatility can help your rewards really add up when you shop for anything from swimsuits to suits.

Shop Sales and Sale Sections to Save

Looking snazzy in a new suit will feel great, but it can be a serious investment. You need them for events, but not necessarily frequently enough to justify spending lots of money on them. I mean, who wants to pay a fortune for something you only wear for four hours a year?

That’s where sales and sale sections come in. Places like Gilt offer designer suits and separates at about 60% off the regular retail prices. Lord & Taylor holds annual sales where you can get big discounts on suits. By shopping during sales and in sale sections year round, you can get that suit you need without it cutting into your budget.

It’s worth it to wait for those big sales events like annual Friends and Family discount days, seasonal or end of season sales, and, of course, holiday sales.
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