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Put Prices Into Spin Cycle and Save on Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers are two of those items you don’t really think about replacing until yours suddenly break and you’re left needing new ones immediately. Sometimes, however, you’ll get lucky and have time to plan ahead for such a large order that you’ll have for years to come.

Whether you’re stuck buying a new washer on the fly, or are planning the perfect laundry room with the exact washer and dryer set you want, there are plenty of ways to save when ordering your new appliances. Here are a few tips for how to shop your smartest so you can get the new appliances you want and have money left over.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

If you’re clever, you’ll shop through Ebates for all of your future online orders. When you do, you’ll earn a percentage back of every order you place at a long list of favorite stores. This Cash Back will automatically be calculated and added to your Ebates account shortly after you place your order, ready for you to spend however you please. In this way, you’ll actually be earning while you save!

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

Did you know that every time you shop online, you have the opportunity to apply a promo or coupon code to your order for extra savings? These codes can be found for pretty much any and every store you’d want to shop at, including stores that sell washers and dryers. Add extra discounts, special savings, and other bonus perks to your order just by applying a promo code at checkout.

Find promo and coupon codes for all of your favorite stores on Ebates. They’re kept up to date here, and the long list of codes makes it easy to find the best one for your order.

Find Free Shipping Deals

Another great perk of shopping online is not having to deal with getting heavy items (like washers and dryers) from the store to my home. However, it’s important to seek out free shipping options if you don’t want to spend unnecessary money. Sears offers free shipping on its washers and dryers, and the GE Appliances Warehouse offers free shipping on its closeout deals. And remember, if the store you’re buying from doesn’t automatically offer free shipping, check to see if there’s an available coupon code that would add free shipping to your order!

Free Appliance Removal

When buying big appliances like washers and dryers, you may need to have your old appliances removed. Check to see if you can find a place that offers free or cheap appliance removal. Sears will remove your old appliances for a flat rate of $15.

Join Email Lists for Instant Savings

Often times you can get a big discount simply for signing up to receive emails from a store. New email list subscribers are often treated to a coupon that’s good for a discount on their next order, like 15% off, free shipping, or a free gift with the order. If you’re placing a big order, such as for a washer and/or a dryer, any little savings help, and even just a 10% discount can turn into big savings. Check to see if signing up for emails will help you save. Plus, once you sign up, you’ll start getting news and information about upcoming sales and promotions, which means you’ll keep saving and will never miss a sale again.

Shop the Sale and Clearance Sections

If you don’t have a specific washer and dryer of your dreams that you need to buy, you can really benefit from shopping sale and clearance sections at stores that sell these appliances. Find high-quality items in the sale sections at Appliances Connection, or on clearance at Compact Appliance. Whether you’re buying last year’s model, a floor model, or even overstock merchandise, you’ll get savings passed on to you by the store on an appliance that’s made to last.

Wait for Big Sales Events

If you’ve been planning on getting new appliances for a while and can wait a little longer, time your order so that you buy during a big sales event. Each year, Sears holds its annual Kenmore appliance sale, and Best Buy has a storewide back-to-school sale that’s always stocked with savings.

These sales are so worth watching and waiting for. Check with your favorite appliance stores often to see when these sales are scheduled.

By combining as many of these tips as possible while shopping, you’ll be able to save so much money and even earn Cash Back on your order. A washer and dryer might seem like a daunting, costly investment, but by shopping sales, looking for promo codes, and always shopping through Ebates, you’ll be able to find the best deals and then make them even better!
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