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Extend the Leash on Spending for Your Pets With These Great Tips

Our furry friends deserve nothing but the best. They rely on us to give them the healthiest foods, entertaining toys, warm sleeping spaces, and all the other aspects of a good quality of life for a pet. If you’re worried that giving your pet the highest quality foods, supplements, and toys will throw off your budget, here’s good news for you both. There are so many ways to find extra deals while shopping online, and just a few seconds and a couple of simple tips can keep you from ever having to pay full price for your pet supplies again.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to save while spoiling my sweet furball.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

This might sound crazy, but you can actually earn money just for shopping online! That’s right, with Ebates, it’s not only possible but actually incredibly easy. All you have to do is go to Ebates and choose one of the thousands of partnered stores you’d like to shop at. Go to the store’s Ebates page, click Shop Now, and browse away at all of the amazing products for your pooch! When you place your order, a percentage Cash Back of the money you spent will be automatically deposited into your Ebates account. It’s so fun to watch my rewards add up and then treat myself to something special with my earnings, or treat one of my pets to a new little something special with my savings.

Sign up for Autoship and Save

If you have a general idea of how much food you go through for your pets, signing up for autoship is a really easy way to not only save money, but also the time and hassle of having to remember to buy more food. You’ll never run out of their special food again, and you’ll save money on every single can or bag you buy. Pet360 offers 25% off some brands when auto-shipped, and Petco offers 15% off every autoship order.

Store Credit Cards Are a Must

Signing up for a store credit card can come with some really incredible promotions and incentives. Some stores offer a big discount right away the first time you use your new card. Others offer a discount every time you use your card. If you have a new pet or have a lot of things you have to buy in one order, using a store credit card can mean you don’t miss out on earning lots of rewards points.

New Email Subscribers and Customers Can Save More

If you’re shopping at a store for the first time, you may be able to save money on your order just because you’re a newbie. Many stores give new email subscribers a coupon that’s good for a discount on their next order, as well as first-time customer discounts. You can get savings like 10% or 15% off, free shipping on any order, and even incredible free gifts with your next order just for signing up to receive emails or placing a first order. Only Natural Pet offers a 15% off discount with no minimum order required, as well as free shipping on that order, just for signing up for emails or placing an order.

Remember the Rewards Programs

Check to see if there’s a rewards program you can join at stores you’re shopping at. Rewards programs typically work by tracking your spending and then giving you points for each dollar you spend or order you place. These points can then be put towards future orders. For example, PetCareRX gives you points for all orders and double points for prescription medications, and gives you $3 off when you reach 100 points. It’s fun to watch your spending turn into savings and see your rewards balance grow. You’ll also usually get money-saving coupons sent to you as part of these rewards programs.

Always Use Promo and Coupon Codes

Check out Ebates to find all of the most current, up-to-date promo codes from your favorite online pet supply stores. Promo codes are so amazing because just applying one of these simple codes to your order at checkout can add huge extra savings to your order. You might find codes for big discounts like $10 off at Petsmart, $20 off at Total Pet Supply, or even free items with your order. Never pay full price for pet supplies again with promo codes added to your orders.

Free Shipping

Luckily, lots of places these days are offering free shipping, either on all orders or at least on orders over a certain dollar amount. Shop at stores that offer free shipping and you can count that money you didn’t have to spend towards your overall savings. If you subscribe to BarkBox, you’ll get an exciting bundle of treats and toys mailed to you every month and you’ll never have to pay a cent in shipping! Sometimes you can even find a promo code that adds free shipping to your order if the store doesn’t already offer it.

Always Shop the Sale and Clearance Sections

You’d be surprised how often the sale and clearance sections of pet stores get overlooked! For great products at reduced prices, always be sure to check out the sale and clearance sections at your favorite pet stores before browsing the full price merchandise. Check sale sections often because new things are always being added, but shop quickly because items placed on sale tend to sell out fast. Find toys marked down up to 50% in the clearance section, or category sales like 15% off all wet cat foods. Even just supplementing your normal orders with a few sale or clearance items can help stretch your budget a bit further.
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