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How to Invite the Best Patio Furniture and Decor Deals to Hang Around

Adding patio furniture and decor to your home’s outdoor space can create a beautiful outdoor area for entertaining or simply relaxing in. Decorating your outdoors will make your house seem larger and more inviting, adding another livable area to sit in and enjoy with friends and family.

Whether you’re looking for patio furniture and decor that can withstand serious summer barbecues with your rowdiest crowd, or turning your garden into a quiet but comfortable place to read your favorite novels, affordable patio furniture and decor are obtainable on any budget. Here are a few smart ways to shop for outdoor furniture and decor without throwing your budget off balance.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Ebates makes it not only possible but actually incredibly easy to earn money when you shop. Yep, you read that correctly. You can make money while you spend money to help offset the cost of your order. Ebates will give you back a percentage of every order you place at any of the stores they’re teamed up with. This Cash Back is automatically calculated and then added to your Ebates account not too long after you complete an online order. It’s so fun to watch my rewards add up and then treat myself to something special with my earnings!

Use Promo and Coupon Codes Every Time You Shop

Check out Ebates to find all the most current, up-to-date promo codes from your favorite online patio furniture and decor stores. Promo codes are so amazing because just applying one to your order at checkout can add extra savings, big discounts, and even free items. You might find codes for an extra 25% off all outdoor furniture sets at Bon-Ton, 10% off outdoor items at Decor Planet, or even deals that combine a discount with free shipping if you’re lucky enough.

Sign up for Extra Savings

Many stores give new email subscribers a coupon that’s good for a discount on their next order. You can get savings like 10% or 15% off, free shipping on any order, and even incredible free gifts with your next order just for signing up to receive newsletters. As an added bonus, those newsletters are going to be full of ways for you to save. Sounds like a double win for us smart shoppers!

Join Rewards Programs

If you don’t want to open a store credit card for your patio furniture order, or a store card just isn’t available, check to see if there’s a rewards program you can join. These rewards programs typically work by tracking your spending and then giving you points for each dollar you spend or order you place. These points can then be turned into cash that you can put towards future orders. It’s fun to watch your spending turn into savings and see your rewards balance grow as you get closer to earning a reward.

Shop During Big Sales

It can really pay off to shop for your patio furniture and outdoor decor during big sales events like seasonal sales, Friends and Family days, holiday sales, and after-holiday sales. During these sales, you can find sales at favorite furniture and decor stores like Macy’s. Watch for end of summer sales when most of the summer patio furniture will be marked down. You can find a high-quality year-round set for so cheap, and be ready to enjoy your outdoor space as soon as the summer rolls around.

Free Shipping

A perk of shopping online is not having to lug heavy items around from the store to your home. However, you want to make sure you find free shipping, otherwise that perk becomes a pain. Try to shop at stores that offer free shipping on every order, like Home and Patio Decor Center, or on orders over a certain dollar amount. If by chance you find the perfect lawn chairs at a store that doesn’t offer free shipping, don’t despair! You might be able to find a coupon code that adds free shipping to your order.

Extra tip: When shopping for larger, heavier items like patio furniture, look for stores that offer free returns. If you by chance have to send the item back, having to pay to ship something that big and heavy can cost a small fortune. Free returns will have you covered and are a safeguard against wasted money.

Always Shop the Sale and Clearance Sections

It sounds obvious, but don’t overlook the items on sale for great savings! Check out the sale and clearance sections every time you shop, and always before you shop the regularly priced merchandise. If you’re lucky enough, you might never have to pay full price for any of your patio furniture or outdoor decor! Check sale sections often because new things are always being added, but shop quickly because outdoor decor items placed on sale tend to sell out fast at favorite stores, especially during the end of season sales.

Don’t Forget to Use Those Store Credit Cards

Signing up for a store credit card can come with some really incredible promotions and incentives. You might be able to get a big discount right away the first time you use your new card. You might even be able to get a discount every time you use your card. For example, the Target Red card comes with a 5% discount every time it’s used. Buying your patio furniture and outdoor decor with store credit cards at places that offer discounts or rewards can help offset some of your costs effortlessly.
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