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Upgrade Your Deal Savvy With Top Strategies to Save on Home Appliances

Home appliances are an investment in your quality of life. From a top-end blender for making green smoothies, to an energy-efficient oven for baking your favorite cakes, to a dryer that takes care of your annoying excessive static problem, appliances are so important to your daily home life running smoothly.

While they may be an investment in your life, you shouldn’t have to shell out most of your investment funds just to get your home set up with all the necessary appliances. By taking advantage of some special ways to save, like Cash Back at Ebates and in-store appliance removal, you’ll always have your bases covered when it comes to conserving your cash.

Here are a few smart shopping tips for getting the latest and greatest home appliances at prices and promotions you won’t believe.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

How would you like to be earning a percentage back every time you shop online? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually really easy to do! When you shop at stores that are featured on Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back on every eligible dollar you spend. Cash Back is money you get back just for shopping, and it’s automatically deposited into your Ebates account for you shortly after you finalize your order. Make sure you’re getting these easy savings on all your home appliance needs, as well as everything else!

Use or Open a Store Credit Card

Many stores offer huge incentives to encourage customers to open credit cards with them. These incentives are usually an initial discount such as a percentage off the first order placed with your new card or points earned per every dollar you spend. Using your store credit card can amplify your overall savings, especially over long periods of time, or if you’re placing bigger, more costly orders. Larger home appliances tend to be pretty costly, so look into opening a store card or using the one you already have. I bought my new washer and dryer set with a newly opened store credit card that came with a 10% new card discount, 0% APR for six months, and a lot of points towards earning a gift certificate!

Buy Refurbished

If you can find refurbished home appliances, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and will still be getting a high-quality piece of equipment. Most refurbished items come with a warranty and have been checked out by certified technicians. Check to see if your store of choice has a refurbished goods section.

Sign up and Save

Just like new customers and new credit card holders will oftentimes get perks, new email newsletter subscribers are generally rewarded for signing up as well. Provide your email address at stores like Air & Water for benefits like a percentage-off coupon code or free shipping on your next order. You’ll also be kept in the loop about upcoming sales and promotions so you can plan your future shopping and save even more.

Always Use a Promo or Coupon Code

If you aren’t using a promo or coupon code every single time you shop online, you’re making a mistake. These codes will always add some extra value to your shopping cart like an additional discount, a dollar-off deal, or free gifts. Get your new Samsung fridge at a discount or save a percentage off your new Dyson cleaning device by using these codes.

You can find these codes on the store pages at Ebates. They’re updated regularly, so check them every time you shop.

Don’t Miss Sales Events

Sears has an annual sale where its famous Kenmore appliances are significantly marked down and priced to move. Major home appliance stores like Lowe’s and True Value both regularly hold departmental sales where items in certain departments are put on sale, like 20% off washers and dryers, or 15% off all kitchen appliances over a certain price. Knowing when these sales are and planning for them can help you save hundreds on larger appliance orders.

Check Clearance and Sale Sections First

If you’re anything like me, you just hate the idea of paying full price for anything, including home appliances. Check out the sale and clearance sections before shopping in the regular sections. GE Appliances Warehouse has a whole section dedicated to current specials where you can find high end products at always low prices! You may find exactly what you’re looking for at a price that’s well within your budget.

Find Free Shipping and Removal

If you’re shopping for a food processor, chances are you won’t care about old appliance removal. However, if your basement washer is getting replaced, you may need assistance with removal, and delivery will be a bit more involved than leaving a box in your driveway. To make your new appliance shopping not only cheaper but far more enjoyable, look for stores that offer free or low flat-rate shipping and removal of your old appliances. Sears, for example, offers flat-rate removal and free shipping, and Appliances Connection offers free delivery and free returns.
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