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Plant the Seed of Savings on Gardening Equipment

Growing and maintaining a beautiful garden is a fun hobby, as well as a challenge. It’s relaxing, yet it provides a little workout. Naturally, a garden requires regular maintenance, care, and attention. Growing some of your own food, even just herbs, is so rewarding and healthy, and nothing brightens up a dining room table or desk more than flowers fresh from your own garden.

If you’re looking to buy gardening tools and equipment without shelling out all of your green, keep reading. There are so many perks that come with shopping online, and so many easy ways to save.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

How does getting a percentage back of every order you place online sound? Good, right? We think so, and so does Ebates. When you shop at any of the stores featured on Ebates, you’ll get Cash Back, which is literally money you get back just for shopping. Check the Ebates pages for your favorite tool stores to see what the current Cash Back rate is. Watch for special bonus days and earnings events where the amount of Cash Back earned per order is increased for limited amounts of time.

Always Use a Promo or Coupon Code

Find promo and coupon codes on the store pages at Ebates and use them to save so much money on each and every order. Just enter a promo or coupon code at checkout to have your savings applied. Get free shipping codes from Sears, or extra discounts off at the Gardener's Supply Company when you use promo codes.

Use or Open a Store Credit Card

Most stores offer big incentives to open a credit card with them, from a percentage off the first order you place with your new card to points earned per dollar spent. Opening a card with Ace Hardware means earning points on not only your garden tool orders, but also on gas, groceries, and everything else! Using your store credit card can amplify your overall savings, especially over long periods of time, or if you’re placing bigger, more costly orders.

Large pieces of garden equipment can get pretty expensive. Remember to use your existing store credit card when ordering your gardening gear so you can make sure to get any rewards points and cardholder discounts that may be available. If you don’t have a card, it might be worth it to open one for any big garden renovation projects.

Buy Used

High-quality gardening tools and equipment are made to last. This means that buying used tools that are still in good shape is an easy way to save some money, especially on something you won’t use very frequently but still need to have on hand. Search eBay for old gardening tools and equipment at incredible deals. Last summer, I bought a few tools on eBay for less than $5 each, including shipping, and I couldn’t have been happier with the quality or price.

Shop During Sales Events

Wait for big sales events like end of season sales, holiday sales, and semi-annual sales. Here’s where you’ll score the biggest and best savings of the year.

Major stores that sell gardening tools and equipment, like True Value and Lowe's, are always putting on sales. True Value and Lowe’s both regularly hold departmental sales where items in certain departments are put on sale, like 20% off tools or 15% off all soils and fertilizers.

Share Your Email Address and Save

A lot of companies will reward you for sharing your email address with them. Sign up to receive email newsletters and you’ll oftentimes receive a percentage-off coupon code, free shipping on your next order, or another perk. Signing up for emails from Burpee Gardens means you’ll always be kept in the loop about upcoming sales and promotions so you can save even more.

Shop Sale or Clearance Sections

If you just hate the idea of paying full price for anything, including garden tools, start shopping the sale and clearance sections. Dutch Gardens has extensive sale and clearances sections with the mostly lovely flowers at even lovelier prices. Check out these sections before checking out the regular items to see what things you can check off your shopping list for a fraction of their usual cost.

Find Free Shipping and Returns

Don’t waste time and money dealing with shipping and returns costs if you can help it. Look for a store that offers free shipping and free returns so there is no risk to placing your order. You can also look for promotional codes and coupon codes that will add free shipping to your order.

New Customer Savings

First time shopping at a particular gardening store? New customers may be in for a special savings treat! Lots of stores have special deals in place for first time orderers. Check to see if there’s a special promo code or deal you can get on that very first order you’re about to place.
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