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Dig Into Coupon Codes and Save Big on Garden Tools

Maintaining a garden is a perfect hobby. It’s relaxing and provides a little workout and a reason to be outside. You can grow food to supplement your grocery shopping, and beautiful flowers to truly transform your outdoor space.

Here are a few tips for how you can shop smarter for your garden tools and other essential equipment to help enhance your green thumb and grow the garden of your dreams without turning your bank account into a nightmare.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Getting a percentage back of every order you place online may sound too good to be true, but it’s so easy to do! When you shop at stores featured on Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back, which is literally money you get back just for shopping. Check the Ebates pages for your favorite tool stores to see what the current Cash Back rate is, as well as for additional ways to save.

Use or Open a Store Credit Card

Most stores offer big incentives to open a credit card with them, from a percentage off the first order you place with your new card to points earned per dollar spent. Opening a card with Ace Hardware means earning points on not only your garden tool orders, but also on gas, groceries, and everything else! Using your store credit card can amplify your overall savings, especially over long periods of time or if you’re placing bigger, more costly orders. If you’re buying a bunch of tools, or just a few that are on the more expensive side, remember to use your existing store credit card to get your rewards points and any discount, or look into opening one if you don’t have one. The initial deal might really be worth it.

Buy Used

Most tools are pretty durable items, and high-quality tools are built to last. Consequently, buying used tools that are still in good shape is an easy way to save some money, especially on something you won’t use very frequently. Check eBay for old tools at incredible prices. Last summer, I bought a few tools on eBay for literally just a few dollars each, and I couldn’t have been happier with them.

This is also a good way to save money when buying individual toolkit pieces you may have lost, like a mini wrench or socket set that has a missing piece or two. Don’t rebuy the entire kit. Chances are someone is selling the missing piece you need on eBay!

Sign up and Save

Just like new customers and new credit card holders get perks, new email newsletter subscribers are often given a perk for signing up as well. Provide your email address to receive benefits like a percentage-off coupon code or free shipping on your next order. You’ll also be kept in the loop about upcoming sales and promotions so you can plan your shopping and save even more.

Shop During Sales Events

It seems like there are always sales going on at major tool stores like Lowe’s, True Value, and Sears. True Value and Lowe’s both regularly hold departmental sales where items in certain departments are put on sale, like 20% off indoor gardening items or 15% off fertilizers. You can also find lots of special sales like the Inventory Reduction sale at Northern Tool and Equipment.

Shop Sale or Clearance Sections

If you’re anything like me, you hate the idea of paying full price for anything, including garden tools. When it comes to shopping for garden tools, sale and clearance sections are your bright light and beacon of hope. Check out these sections before going to the regular sections to see what items you can check off your shopping list for a fraction of their usual cost.

Find Free Shipping and Returns

Free shipping is always a great thing, and free returns can be one of the best things ever when it comes to saving money. If you buy something online and it just isn’t so great when it gets to you, having to pay for return shipping is always the worst. If you’re buying something you think you may want to return, shop at stores that offer free shipping and free returns. This will keep you from losing that money if you do make a return.

New Customer Savings

New customers may be in for a special savings treat due to their new customer status. Lots of stores have special deals in place for first time orders. Check to see if there’s a special promo code or deal you can get on that very first order you’re about to place.

Always Use a Promo or Coupon Code

If you aren’t using a promo or coupon code every single time you shop online, you’re making a mistake. These codes will always add some extra value to your shopping cart, like an additional discount, a dollar-off deal, or free gifts.

You can find these codes on the store pages at Ebates.
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