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Here's Your Quick Fix to Saving on Automotive Tools

If you do your own automotive work, you’re already saving money. There are other ways to save on car maintenance, like shopping smart for the automotive tools you need. By watching for sales, using promo codes, and earning Cash Back, your engine will be running smoothly on a dime in no time. Here are a few tips for getting the most mileage for your money.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

When you shop at any of the stores featured on Ebates, you’ll get Cash Back. Cash Back is money you get back just for shopping. A percentage of every eligible order you place at participating stores will be given back to you in the form of Cash Back. Watch your Ebates account balance grow the more you shop!

Check the Ebates pages for your favorite automotive stores to see what the current Cash Back rate is. Watch for special bonus days and earnings events where the amount of Cash Back earned per order is increased for limited amounts of time.

Buy Used Automotive Tools

High-quality automotive tools are really made to last, so buying used high-quality tools is a really easy way to save some money. Buying used tools can be especially wise when you buy something you won’t use very frequently. Check eBay for old automotive tools at really low prices.

Sign up and Save

New email newsletter subscribers are often given a perk just for signing up and sharing their email addresses. Get discounts like 15% off your first order, or free shipping on your next order. If you create a free account with Pep Boys, you’ll also be kept in the loop about upcoming sales and promotions, so you can plan your shopping and save even more.

Shop During Sales Events

Watch and wait for big sales events at top automotive tool stores. Find Friends & Family sales, seasonal clearance events, springtime discounts so you can get your ride ready on a budget, and so much more. You won’t want to miss out on Motosport’s Black Friday sale or the Veteran’s Day sale at Tire Buyer, trust me.

Don’t overlook the weekly sales, either!

Shop Sale or Clearance Sections

Before you shop the regularly priced merchandise, take a look in the sale and clearance sections to see if you can find what you’re looking for. I’m usually lucky and can find the part I’m looking for on sale without even having to shop the non-sale items. Maybe you’ll get lucky, too!

Store Credit Card Perks

Stores offer major incentives to encourage customers to open a credit card with them. These incentives range from a percentage off the first order placed with the new card to points earned per dollar spent. Using your store credit card can amplify your overall savings, especially over long periods of time, and if you’re placing expensive orders.

Automotive tools can get very expensive, especially when you start getting into the bigger and more specialized tools. Using your store credit card when ordering your automotive tools can ensure that you get the most rewards points or special cardholder discounts. If you don’t have a store credit card, check to see if it’s worth it to open a card just for that order. The initial discount and rewards program might be incentive enough.

Find Free Shipping and Returns

Don’t waste time and money dealing with shipping and returns costs if you can help it. Look for a store that offers free shipping, like Discount Tire Direct, and there won’t be any risk to placing your order. You can also look for promotional codes and coupon codes that will add free shipping to your order. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the possibility of having to make a return. Paying to ship those heavy tools back would end up costing you more than the tools themselves! Most stores offer free or discounted shipping on orders over a specific amount. At Stylin’ Trucks, all orders over $99 ship for free, so bundle all of your truck accessory needs into one order for the most savings.

New Customer Savings

New customers can sometimes get special savings just because they’re new. Lots of stores have special deals in place for first time orderers. Check to see if there’s a special promo code or deal you can get on that very first order you’re getting ready to place!

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

I couldn’t imagine a world without promo and coupon codes. If you aren’t using them every single time you shop, you’re missing out on savings. Look for these codes on the store pages at Ebates, then simply enter the code at checkout and watch your savings get calculated or your bonus free gift items and discounts get added to your shopping cart.
Enable Cash Back