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Exclusions: Cash Back is only available for commissionable IHG rates. Specialty negotiated rates such as IHG friends & Family are not eligible for Cash Back. Rooms booked and paid for by IHG reward Club Points are not eligible for cash back incentives.

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Holiday Inn > Stay in Comfort and Style With Holiday Inn Savings

Stay in Comfort and Style With Holiday Inn Savings

Holiday Inn has locations all over the world in so many different destinations. They’re a trusted name in the hotel world, and if you’ve ever stayed with them before, you’ll understand why. I’ve stayed with them in a few different countries, on trips ranging from quick business trips to multiple-week international vacations, and I’ve never been anything but thrilled. They’re clean and courteous, and when you shop smart, you can save so much money.

Here are some of the money-saving tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years. If you’re a frequent traveler, you need to check out Holiday Inn — but not before you check out these tips.

Cash Back at Ebates

With Cash Back available at Ebates, you’ll earn Cash Back every single time you book a hotel room stay or buy a vacation package at the Holiday Inn website through Ebates. With Ebates Cash Back, you’ll be able to earn a percentage back from every dollar you spend at Holiday Inn, every single time you book. These money-back earnings come in the form of Cash Back at Ebates. These earnings are automatically deposited into your Ebates account after you place your order. You can redeem your Cash Back later for real cash that you can spend wherever you want. You’ll be earning money and saving money on all of your fantastic hotel room bookings, whether for business or for pleasure.

Save With Vacation Packages

When you book your stay with Holiday Inn as part of a vacation package, you’ll get the most savings possible on all aspects of your vacation. Holiday Inn coordinates and curates these packages so that you can save time and money when you book them, giving you more of both so you can have even more fun on your vacation. Average savings with vacation packages are around 25%, which can make a huge difference to your vacation budget.

Book Early to Save the Most

Holiday Inn gives its best savings to shoppers who start early. The farther in advance you book, the more money you’ll save on your hotel room. You’ll be able to save up to 30% on early bookings. When I know I’ll be traveling in the future, I always check out the Holiday Inn locations in my destination and book early to get the best price and the peace of mind that my room is taken care of. It’s one less thing for me to worry about, and I know I’ll have gotten the best price possible.

Free Amenities During Your Stay

Holiday Inn provides lots of free perks to the people who stay in their rooms. From free breakfasts to free wifi, free gym access, and free toiletries if you leave yours at home by accident, you’ll always get so many little bonuses when you stay at a Holiday Inn. It’s Holiday Inn’s way of saying thanks for being a loyal customer and staying with them.

IHG Rewards Club and Free Nights

When you join the Holiday Inn IHG Rewards club at any location or online, you’ll get so many money-saving perks. You’ll earn a point for every dollar you spend at Holiday Inn, and you can later use these points to get free night stays at any of their locations, any night. There aren’t any blackout dates or locations, which is so great.

Another benefit of joining this rewards club is that you’ll receive savings beyond Holiday Inn. Some Holiday Inn partners and even certain restaurants with locations close to Holiday Inn hotels will give you special offers and discounts if you’re a member. Contact Holiday Inn for more information about which partners and restaurants offer these savings.

Holiday Inn Promo and Coupon Codes

Before booking your stay at Holiday Inn’s website, always check out the Holiday Inn page through Ebates to find out what the latest promo codes, coupon codes, and sale information is. You never know what amazing savings you’ll find here, and it’s a really convenient way to see what the latest and greatest sales and promotions are, all in one place. These codes can be for anything from extra discounts on rooms in specific destinations to bonus discounts on vacation packages, and so many other great deals. Redeem these promo and coupon codes when you book to get all the extra savings and Cash Back at Ebates. The coupon codes are always changing, so check before you book to see what’s new from Holiday Inn and Ebates.

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