Does Ebates calculate rebates in Canadian dollars?

All order and rebate amounts are shown in U.S. dollars. on the other hand, is our Canadian version of Ebates built exclusively for our Canadian shoppers. All rebates on are calculated in Canadian currency and we encourage all of our Canadian friends to Join today!

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Will my Big Fat Check be in Canadian or U.S. currency?

Members of will receive their Big Fat Checks paid in U.S. dollars. Check with your bank or check-cashing outlet regarding policies and fees for U.S. currency conversion.

Members of will receive their Big Fat Check in Canadian dollars. To avoid currency exchange fees, and to enjoy the same great shopping but using a site completely tailored to our Canadian Members, join today.

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If I receive payments via PayPal, what currency will I receive?

PayPal will automatically convert payments to Canadian dollars. Refer to PayPal for information on currency conversion rates and transaction fees.

As a member of, your PayPal payment will be sent in Canadian dollars. No need to worry about pesky conversion rates or transaction fees.

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I live in Canada, which stores can I shop at on

The stores listed on our Ebates Canada page are either based in Canada, or have been verified to have Canada-friendly shipping policies. Other stores on may also ship to Canadian addresses, but you should check the store's site for specific information on policies and shipping charges. You are responsible for any duties charged for products shipping from the U.S. to Canada.

All stores listed on have been verified to have Canada-friendly shipping policies and include detailed information on currency for each store, shipping details and details regarding duty fees and other potential service charges.

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