Software or Settings Preventing Cash Back

Communicating with the stores where you want to shop is a big part of how Ebates Cash Back works: stores must recognize you as our member when you shop, and we must receive information from the store about your purchase.

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, we encourage you check your cookies and any ad-blocking software you may have installed. 


We use cookies to make sure you receive your Cash Back. If you are using security or protection software, you will need to ensure that the settings allow cookies from Ebates and the store sites where you like to shop.

To ensure you receive Cash Back, be aware that:

  • There is security software, like Kaspersky, and protection software that may prevent you from earning Cash Back.
  • If you are using firewall software, like Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, etc., you will need to keep the ‘ad-blocking’ option turned off during your shopping trips.
  • Toolbars that are installed on your browser may redirect your shopping trip from Ebates and take credit for your order. If you have toolbars installed, you will need to make sure they are not linked to other shopping rewards or coupon sites.
  • Shopping trips in private or incognito mode, as well as spyware or adware programs, can disrupt proper reporting of your shopping trip and prevent you from earning Cash Back.
  • If you experience issues signing in and using Ebates, you may need to adjust your security or privacy browser settings.

Ad-Blocking Software

If you have ad-blocking software installed, you may experience issues using Ebates and earning Cash Back. If you have AdBlock, Adblock Plus or uBlock, you can add or subscribe to the Ebates Cash Back Shopping filter list.

Enable Cash Back

In some instances, adding the Ebates Cash Back Shopping filter will not successfully resolve the issue. If you see ad-blocking software warnings after adding the filter, you will need to disable your ad-blocking software during your shopping trips to properly use Ebates and earn Cash Back. Similarly, if you have other ad-blocking software installed, you will need to completely disable the software during your Shopping Trips.

White-listing will not resolve any issues. If you white-list, you will not see ad-blocking software warnings, but issues preventing you from earning Cash Back may still occur.

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Enable Cash Back