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The Savings Doctor's Orders for Affordable Prescriptions

Shopping for your prescriptions online is a well-known and popular way to save money, but did you know that that’s just the beginning of the savings you can get? It’s not just about shopping online; it’s about shopping smartly online. The Internet is full of sales, specials, and savings, and if you know how to find them and use them, you’ll never pay full price for anything again, ever. With all the screen time from online shopping you’ll be doing, you’ll want your prescription in a pair of GUNNAR glasses to protect your eyes!

Here are a handful of ways that you can get your prescriptions filled — from contacts and eyeglasses to medical supplies and more — at prices that won’t raise your blood pressure. Using any of these tips will help save you some cash, but for maximum savings, you should be doing all of these things, each and every time you shop.

Earn Cash Back at Ebates

Want to earn money while you shop? Sounds too good to be true, right? With Cash Back at Ebates, you’ll get a percentage back of every dollar you spend on every eligible order you place at any and all stores featured on Ebates. This money will be added to your Ebates account automatically, and you can withdraw it from there.

Tons of stores participate in this popular money-saving program, including many that fill prescriptions like Walgreens and Sam’s Club, so always check to see if the store you’re shopping at offers Cash Back. Combining Cash Back with online store sales, extra discounts, and rewards, plus all of the other ways there are to save can mean you’ll be saving and earning money on every order you place, every single time.

Compare Prices

Whenever you shop online, you’re getting access to literally every store out there. It would be silly to not take advantage of that access. There’s no excuse to be overpaying for your prescriptions. Don’t just open one browser and go to one store website. Open a bunch of browser windows and go to a bunch of websites to make sure you’re actually getting the good deal that you think you’re getting.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

Promo and coupon codes might be my all-time favorite thing about online shopping. Before you ever click submit and finalize your online orders, check to see if you can find any promo codes or coupon codes. I don’t remember the last time I shopped online and wasn’t able to find a code for something like free expedited shipping, an extra 10% off, or bonus free samples or gift items. Just enter these codes at checkout when you’re placing an online order to apply them to your cart.

To find coupon codes, go to your favorite store’s page at Ebates. These codes are always updated and kept current, so you’ll never miss out on savings.

First Time Customer Perks

If it’s your first time shopping at an online store, you may be in for big savings just because you’re a new customer. Vision Direct offers a 30% discount for new customers on their first order, plus free shipping! Check to see if there are any offers available for you as a new shopper.

Email Sign-Up Savings

Along with the new customer savings are the new subscription savings you can get for signing up to receive company emails. This isn’t an absolute, but most places offer discounts when you join their email list. Standard discounts tend to be from 10% off to 15% off an order, but they can be much higher and include free shipping as well.

Watch and Wait for Sales Events

Who doesn’t love a sale, especially when it’s on more expensive products like prescriptions? Wait for semi-annual or annual sales events to place your big orders. Remember that there are always holiday sales at the end of the year to watch for. Events like Friends & Family days and other promotions are also a smart time to shop. If you can time your prescription needs so that you end up shopping during big sales, you’ll end up saving so much money, even on high end brands like Ray-Bans!

Look for Free Shipping and Returns

Shipping costs always make a good sale seem less impressive, and nothing is more frustrating than having to pay to return an item. Free shipping and free returns means that you’re not taking any risks with your order, and that you aren’t literally paying for the lower online pricing. Lots of prescription places offer free shipping and free returns, like Vision Direct and 1800CONTACTS. It’s always possible to find a coupon or promo code for free shipping for stores that don’t offer it.
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