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Get Noticed With Discount Fragrances for Every Budget

I consider my perfume and fragrance to be the cherry on top of my look. It takes fashion to the next level when you not only look and feel good, but also smell amazing, and nothing adds a sexy sense of seduction to a woman like a good perfume or fragrance.

It can be expensive to grow your fragrance collection, but it’s still so worth the investment. Here are a few tips and tricks for how you can keep an arsenal of amazing smelling perfumes and fragrances on hand without draining your bank account.

Earn Cash Back on Perfumes and Fragrances

With Ebates Cash Back, you’ll be making money just by shopping online. Every time you place an order at any store that’s featured on Ebates, Ebates will give you a generous percentage back of that order. You can redeem this Cash Back for real cash via your Ebates account. The more you shop, the more you’ll make thanks to Ebates!

There are so many different stores that allow you to earn Cash Back at Ebates, so always check before shopping online to see if you can both save and earn money on your online orders. Or, you can download the Ebates Button if you use a Google Chrome browser so you never miss out on big savings whenever you shop online!

Shop Sale Sections

Believe it or not, fragrances and perfumes are often put on sale! The specific one you want may not be on sale, but it’s always fun to go explore the perfume counter at my local department store and smell everything that is on sale. It’s not rare for me to find a new favorite. I like to spray my wrists and then continue shopping, and later, when I get home, I can see how the scent settled in. If I like it, I hop online and order it, taking advantage of all the perks of online ordering, as well as the sale price.

Wait for Seasonal and Annual Sales Events

Mark your calendar for iconic sales events at stores like Macy’s, where you can find an amazing Friends and Family sale during the year and dozens of designer and celebrity scents and fragrances to satisfy every style. Philosophy has its Holiday in June sale with savings of up to 50% off favorite products including iconic fragrances, and there are so many other big events at favorite stores. Watch for the free gift promotions on beauty counter brands at stores like Nordstrom and Boscov’s, too.

Join Email Lists

A lot of stores give you a pretty decent discount simply for signing up to receive emails. Sometimes you can get as much as 50% off the first order you place after signing up for emails. Not only will you get immediate savings, but you’ll also get news and updates about sales and promotions, so you’ll always know when a good sale is going on or will be starting soon, and you’ll never miss out on future savings. These savings can really be significant if you’re ordering an expensive perfume. Even a 10% off discount can really help with your beauty budget!

Save With Auto-Replenishment

Some fragrance stores or stores that sell both cosmetics and fragrances offer discounts or perks when you sign up for auto-replenishment of your most-used and favorite scents. Lancome gives you a free deluxe mini gift with each replenishment order. Not only do these orders save you money, but they also save you time and take away the worry that you’ll run out of your favorite fragrances.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes

At Ebates, you can find coupon and promo codes for each of your favorite perfume and fragrance stores and brands like Bloomingdale's, ULTA, and more. Sometimes you can find codes that are good for free shipping or significant discounts on your order. Ebates updates promo codes regularly, so make sure you check the store pages often.

Join Rewards Clubs

Rewards clubs are an excellent way to save money and earn rewards for purchases you’d be making anyway For example, if you sign up for a Sephora account, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend that you can cash in for fun makeup and body care products, and of course, fragrance samples! If you see a rewards club being offered somewhere you like to shop, you should ask about it and make your purchases really start to count.

Find Free Shipping Deals

Free shipping is the best way to save big if you can find stores that offer it or find a coupon code to activate it. Some stores offer free shipping with a minimum order, so always aim to spend that amount to get the free shipping savings.
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