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There are so many details that go into a wedding. Everything down to the color of the napkins is planned over what could be months or even years. While all of the planning occurs to make one day perfect, the wedding gift registry is created to help the happy couple through their future.

Couples carefully pour over stores and sites to create a list of wedding gifts that will help them along the way. Ebates is here to help you through the process, whether you're the ones making the list or the guests turning to the list to find the ideal gift for the newlyweds.

As you start your journey as a married couple, there will be things you need for the home. Ebates has everything you need for your home and garden space to bring your separate styles together. The most common wedding registry location is the beloved Bed Bath & Beyond. Your guests will be able to help with bridal shower and wedding presents from new towels to kitchen gadgets to cherished items for a wedding anniversary gift.

Couple who already have the needed house goods, will love sites like Cloud 9 Living and Zola, where your guests can help you with honeymoon instead. They can chip in on larger expenses like travel and accommodations or fund an experience like snorkeling or a hot air balloon ride.

You can't forget your helpers either! You can find bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts easily with Ebates. There are money saving coupons and promo codes for a special gift. Discover ideas like matching jewelry or cufflinks or personalized items for your friends and family that will be there to help you at every step of the wedding.

With Ebates, you won't be stuck looking for a wedding gift idea because the couple has everything they need at their fingertips to help plan for a beautiful future together.

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