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Jam to the Beat of Savings on Your Fav Entertainment Tickets

Going to events is one of the most fun things you can do. Whether it’s a live theater production, a play-off game, or the number one hit band on tour right now, we love entertainment in all forms. Unfortunately, going to events can really get costly as ticket expenses can add up fast.

If your entertainment budget isn’t endless, you’ll want to take advantage of these tips and tricks for how to buy entertainment tickets at the lowest prices and get the most bang for your buck. No matter what sport, style, or stage you’re looking to be a spectator at, with smart shopping tips and Cash Back at Ebates, you’ll be entertained not only at the event, but at the amazing deals you’ll find.

Find local deals and boost your savings by using these tips for your ticket shopping, every time.

Earning Cash Back on Entertainment Tickets

Ebates makes it possible for you to not only save money when buying tickets for your favorite events, but also to earn money! You’ll get a percentage back of every dollar you spend on eligible orders at Ebates-featured stores. This Cash Back will add up so fast when you shop for the best deals on the web. You can even download the Ebates button for Chrome so you never miss out on big savings whenever you shop online!

Buy Tickets Early

Nothing is worse than when your favorite band comes to town and you slack on ordering tickets so that by the time you get around to it, there are none left, or the few that are left are far, far out of your budget. You can avoid this disaster and actually save money and reduce stress by shopping early. You’ll get access to the best deals and prices on highly desirable general admission tickets. You’ll also get peace of mind knowing you have a seat at the show, which is pretty priceless.

Shop Sales

Ticketmaster has a Deals section where you can find the hottest prices on the coolest acts, events, shows, and more. TicketsNow also has an Onsale Alert section where new events are marked down each week. Watch for discount and markdown entertainment tickets on store websites, and check often because new events are always being added.

Some stores, like Groupon, are basically like one big sale. Shop for event tickets here first to see if you can get the ticket you’re looking for at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere.

Join Email Lists

Online ticket sellers always have email newsletters that you can sign up to receive. These newsletters not only keep you informed about all the new concerts, sporting events, theater productions, and more, but they also show you the best deals on the events you want to see the most. Often, they include money-saving perks for members. For example, TicketsNow offers a 10% discount on the first order you place after you sign up for Insider Email Alerts.

You’ll also get promotional codes and sales information emailed to you as part of newsletter memberships. You can save money by knowing about your favorite acts and events so you can shop for tickets early before they sell out or the prices go through the roof.

As part of the Groupon and LivingSocial email lists, you’ll always get emails about the newest markdowns, and you’ll even be alerted if an event you looked at in the past goes on sale.

Download the App and Save

Some apps offer a discount when you book through them, or for downloading and using the app. Having access to entertainment tickets at the swipe or tap of your finger will ensure that when that special event is announced and those tickets go on sale, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice, wherever you are.

Coupon and Promo Codes

If you’re shopping for entertainment tickets online, use coupon and promo codes to really maximize your savings. At Ebates, you can find coupon and promo codes for each of your favorite ticket stores. These codes can give you everything from discounted processing fees to extra percentage discounts on the top shows of the season. The codes are always changing and being updated, so check the Ebates page for your favorite entertainment ticket store every time you shop to make sure you get all the savings you can.
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