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Bookmark Big Savings on Gift Books

Books, like sales, are timeless and so well-loved in my family. Sure, it’s convenient to read a book on a tablet or other mobile device, but nothing can replace the feeling of paper on your fingertips and the physical act of turning pages.

Here are a few tips for saving money when giving the gift of literature, fiction, and beyond, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a well-read loved one.

Earning Cash Back on Books

Ebates makes it possible for you to not only save money when book shopping, but also to earn money! You’ll get a percentage back of every dollar you spend on eligible orders at Ebates-featured stores. This Cash Back will add up so fast as you shop for the best deals on the web.

Buy Used

My absolute favorite way to save on books for my personal library is to shop used. So many bookstores have a special used books section, and I can find books that are practically brand new for literally a fraction of the new-book price.

Amazon has a used book section where you can find quality copies of your favorite novels or try something new without much of a financial commitment. Or, if you’re looking for a fun way to get your used books, try a used book auction site like eBay.

Shop Sales

If I’m shopping for gifts for others, or can’t find the book I’m searching for in a used format, my next favorite way to shop is to look for sales. The Bargain Bin at Better World Books has deals where you can get three books for just $10, four books for $12, and each additional book after that is only $3.

Bookstore sale sections always have serious markdowns on both hardcover and paperback books with incredible savings off the original price of the book.

AbeBooks has a sale section where everything is 50% off, and Book Outlet often has buy one get one free deals. It’s easy to find paperbacks on sale year round at bookstores and other stores that have a book section, like Target.

Join Store Rewards Clubs

Bookstores almost always have membership clubs or rewards clubs that you can join. These clubs not only keep you informed about the best deals on the newest, fresh-off-the-press books, but they also include money-saving perks for members. Whether you’re earning points with your Barnes & Noble membership or racking in rewards with the Simply Rewarded program at MyPublisher, you’ll always be saving.

Cash in your rewards points for discounts on full-priced books and it will seem as if they’re on sale. You’ll also get promotional codes and sales information emailed to you as part of your membership in these rewards clubs.

Find Free Shipping

Shipping costs can really add up, especially if you’re shopping for books at multiple stores and can’t combine shipping. I always like to find stores that offer free shipping, either on each order or if you spend a certain amount. Barnes & Noble, for example, provides free shipping if you spend just $25 or more. Other stores offer free shipping on select titles, or periodically as a site-wide promotion. Considering how to save money on shipping your books is a really easy way to save lots of money.

Make a Book

When it comes to saving money, go for something different and actually make your own book to gift to a loved one. Some stores let you make your own books using your favorite photos, and they always run promotions, especially for first-time customers. If you’re looking to give a truly unique gift to the book lover in your life, check out a store like Mixbook or MyPublisher. MyPublisher offers free photo books for all new customers, so it’s worth giving it a try. Give a priceless gift while saving money.

Coupon and Promo Codes

If you’re shopping for books online, use coupon and promo codes to really maximize your savings. At Ebates, you can find coupon and promo codes for each of your favorite bookstores. These codes can give you everything from free shipping to extra percentage discounts on the top reads of the season. The codes are always changing and being updated, so check the Ebates page for your favorite bookstore every time you shop to make sure you get all the savings you can. Or, you can download the Ebates Button if you use a Google Chrome browser so you never miss out on big savings whenever you shop online!
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