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How to Pop High Prices on Gift Balloons

Balloons are a simple but special way to celebrate events and holidays. From basic birthday balloons to elaborate holiday balloon installations, you can do so much with these simple bits of rubber. Sure, they’re generally cheap, but if you find yourself going with a fancier balloon choice or buying them fairly often, you’re going to want to find out how to save yourself the most money when shopping. Here are a few ways to save when shopping for balloon party favors and decorations.

How to Get Cash Back on Balloons

To earn Cash Back, make sure you shop through Ebates before you finalize any order and complete an online checkout. When you shop through Ebates, Ebates will automatically track your order and credit your Ebates account with a percentage back of every eligible dollar you spend at any Ebates-featured store on any and all balloons.

Simply go to the store page at Ebates to start shopping. For example, if you want to shop at Walmart, first go to their Ebates page and click Shop Now. Or, you can download the Ebates Button if you use a Google Chrome browser. You’ll never miss out on Cash Back again with this handy button for Chrome.

Shop for Sales and Clearance Items

Always check the sale section at your favorite party supply stores or gift stores that sell balloons. You’re almost always likely to find some sort of balloon on sale, whether it’s a specific theme, like birthday balloons, or specific colors, like vibrant yellow balloons on special. Remember that stores like Century Novelty and the Oriental Trading Company are always placing new items on sale, so check back often if to see what interesting things you can add to your balloon collection and party supply drawer.

Shop Smart After Holidays

If you’re looking for colorful balloons, you can find amazing deals by shopping after specific holidays. If you want pink and red balloons on hand, shop at party supply stores after Valentine’s Day. For darker colored balloons, wait until the end of an autumn holiday — Thanksgiving or Halloween — to stock up. Depending on the season, different colors of balloons will be the popular choice, but if you buy after the season has ended, you’ll be able to have a collection of multicolored balloons on hand for any and all of your party needs.

Check eBay

eBay is known for having amazing deals, and balloons are just one of the millions of items you can find there. Check to see if you can find a balloon reseller who has lower prices than you’d be able to find at other websites.

Buy in Bulk and Save

When it comes to things like party favors, decorations, and supplies, you can save a lot of money if you buy in bulk. Check with stores like Target or Walgreens to see if you can get a bulk discount if you buy balloons by the case or in large lots. Balloons are so fun that you really won’t have a difficult time using them up, guaranteed. From water balloon fights in the summertime to random ways to brighten your family’s day, balloons on hand are always a good thing.

Join Store Rewards Programs to Earn and Save

Most stores today offer incentives for loyal shoppers. Join a store rewards program if one is offered where you’re shopping. Some stores will give you 10% off an order just for signing up for email newsletters and also give you money back after you spend a certain amount. These rewards programs are quick, easy, and free ways to get some bonus perks for shopping.

Use Ebates Coupon and Promo Codes

Go to each specific store’s page at Ebates to see what the current promo and coupon codes are. Each current code will be listed on the right half of the screen and organized for your convenience. Not only will you get to see what the current codes are, but all of the current sales are also listed in this section. You won’t even need to enter codes for these sales, you can get them automatically. Find special savings on balloons at top stores here, like codes for dollar discounts or percentages off your entire order, plus free shipping, free gifts with orders, and so much more.
Enable Cash Back