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About Etsy

Offering new, vintage and handcrafted items, Etsy connects millions of buyers with sellers in nearly every country in the world. Founded more than a decade ago in a Brooklyn apartment, Etsy has evolved into an online marketplace where buyers can discover handmade items, vintage goods and crafts supplies from crafters, artists and makers. With its objectives of strengthening communities and empowering people, Etsy’s “re-imagination of commerce” is a technology platform that has transformed how goods are made, bought and sold.

Etsy’s categories are as limitless as your imagination, and you can find whatever you desire by using the site’s curated recommendations, which are specially tailored to your personal tastes. Make sure to go through Ebates to get Cash Back on your Etsy purchases, including raw materials for crafts and finished items such as clothing, accessories, artwork, decorations and furnishings. 

There are numerous products for children — from newborns to teens — such as toys and games and clothing and accessories. Etsy vendors worldwide give buyers remarkable deals on everything from personalized bibs to whimsical bedroom decorations to beautifully handcrafted board games. What makes shopping for your little ones even better is that it’s easy for you to get coupon codes on the items they’ll love.

For pet owners, there is a vast array of choices, including personalized dog and cat portraits, custom collar tags, colorful food bowls and rhinestone jewelry made especially for your four-footed princess.

But the eclectic selections don’t end there! Because Etsy is home to a multitude of talented craftspeople, you can choose from small-batch handmade candles, fancy soaps, fine fragrances, hypoallergenic cosmetics, bath bombs and just about any other personal item you can think of. And you can buy even more when you activate Etsy coupons by going through Ebates first, or by adding the very convenient Ebates Cash Back button to your toolbar.

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Etsy Offers

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  • Freshen up a bit: shop natural beauty products. Exp. 06/01/2017
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  • Shop mother-daughter fashion (because you're two-of-a-kind). Exp. 06/01/2017
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  • Shop 50 accessories under $50. Exp. 06/01/2017
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  • Shop gift ideas for grandmothers, because that lady is grand. Exp. 06/01/2017
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  • Shop personalized and custom jewelry. Just be sure to check your spelling. Exp. 06/01/2017
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  • Shop Mother's Day gifts and thank her for dealing with teenage you. Exp. 05/31/2017
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  • Mother's Day Gifts Exp. 05/31/2017
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  • 50 Accessories Under $50
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  • Personalized & Custom Jewelry
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  • Shop a World of Handmade & Vintage Items.
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