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Ways to Get Low Prices on Tablets and Handhelds

Tablets and handhelds are so convenient and great to have on hand. Whether you’re doing work on the go, reading an ebook on a morning train commute, or just want to stay connected to your Facebook friends, having one of these devices in your bag can add entertainment and productivity to your daily life.

Here’s how to save when shopping for a tablet or handheld device.

How to Get Cash Back on Tablets and Handhelds

To earn Cash Back, make sure you shop through Ebates before you finalize any order and complete an online checkout. When you shop through Ebates, Ebates will automatically track your order and credit your Ebates account with a percentage back of every eligible dollar you spend at any Ebates-featured store on any and all tablets and handhelds.

Simply go to the store page at Ebates to start shopping. For example, if you want to shop at Walmart, first go to their Ebates page and click Shop Now. Or, you can download the Ebates Button if you use a Google Chrome browser. You’ll never miss out on Cash Back again with this handy button for Chrome.

Shop for Used Tablets and Handhelds

Head over to eBay to find hot deals on used tablets and handhelds. Some may be older, more used models, but you can also find practically new items that come with big savings simply because they’re not brand new and still in a box. You can save hundreds of dollars just by buying something used versus something new. Here’s a tip. As soon as a new model of a tablet or handheld device gets released, lots of people who upgrade to the new device sell their old ones on eBay for next to nothing. Wait for a new release and then go get yourself a used device for a deal.

Shop for Refurbished Tablets and Handhelds

Stores like Best Buy and Straight Talk almost always have refurbished tablets and handhelds in stock. These items are just as good as brand new items because they’re tested and certified, repaired if needed, and come with their own warranties. They also come with price tags of sometimes hundreds of dollars off what you’d spend on a brand new version of the same item. Check to see if there are any refurbished items you can shop for to save.

Look for Sales and Promotional Events

Lots of stores will run a special sales event where all electronics, or specifically all tablets and handhelds, will be put on sale. Watch for these events and take advantage of them to get yourself a great deal. You can save so much on tablets from Lenovo or HP just by shopping sales!

Wait for Back-to-School Sales or Black Friday Sales

Back-to-school and Black Friday sales events are spaced roughly six months apart, so you’ll almost always be relatively close to one of them coming up. These sales are known for having amazing prices on everything electronics, including tablets and handhelds. Dell Consumer always has special back-to-school pricing to encourage students to get connected and stay up to date with technology for better learning. Black Friday deals are also famously good, especially at stores like Best Buy, where you can find a huge selection of discounted tablets and handhelds.

Shop Around and Compare Prices

If you just can’t wait for one of those special holiday events, don’t worry. You can get deals year-round by just shopping around to see which stores are offering current promotions and sales. Shop around by going to the tablets and handhelds page at Ebates to see not only which store is currently offering the best deals and sale prices, but also to find out which store is currently offering the highest Cash Back percentage. If two stores have the same exact price attached but one has a huge Cash Back percentage, go with the one offering the higher payout to maximize your savings.

Use Ebates Coupon and Promo Codes

Go to each specific store’s page at Ebates to see what the current promo and coupon codes are. Each current code will be listed on the right half of the screen and organized for your convenience. Not only will you get to see what the current codes are, but all of the current sales are also listed in this section. You won’t even need to enter codes for these sales, you can get them automatically. Find special savings on tablets and handhelds at top stores here, like codes for dollar discounts or percentages off.
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