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Learn to Flip Open the Lid of Deep Discounts on Notebooks

Notebook computers are perfect for people on the go who need or want to stay connected in a really versatile and advanced way. I’m a freelance writer, and my notebook is always in a bag with me whenever I leave my house. This gives me the freedom to connect and handle clients, work, and deadlines no matter where I am. Excellent battery life and lightweight designs really make notebook computers desirable for people on the go with active lifestyles.

If you’re looking to bring some freedom into your world of computing, you’ll love owning a notebook. With all the accessories available on the market today, you can also customize them completely and get all the bells and whistles to make your notebook work the best for what you need.

Here are a few ways to save money on notebooks.

Earn Cash Back From Ebates When Buying Notebooks

To make money while saving money, shop through Ebates at any of the Ebates featured stores. You’ll automatically earn Cash Back on every eligible dollar you spend.

Simply go to the store page of your choice at Ebates and click Shop Now. You can also download and install the Ebates web browser plug-in so you won’t ever miss out on Cash Back.

Find Free Shipping Deals or Coupon Codes

Lots of websites offer free shipping on every single order. Shop around to see if you can find a website that offers free shipping, which, in turn, will save you money on all your orders. offers free shipping on every order, as does Dell Consumer. Some places give you free shipping if you spend over a certain amount, as low as $25 or $50, which, if you’re buying a new computer, is a price point you’ll have no problem reaching. Look for a store that offers free returns if you aren’t sure you’ll love the notebook you’re ordering. Sending back something that big and heavy can be costly, but a lot of places allow free returns.

Shop for Last Season’s Tech

Computers are always being upgraded, and new technology is always coming out. This means that what was the hottest, fastest notebook a few months ago is now on sale. That doesn’t mean it’s not still hot and fast, it just means something else stole the spotlight — welcome to the world of technology.

If you don’t care about always having the newest gadgets right as they come out, you can save a lot of money by shopping for a notebook that was released a little while back. Shop for notebooks on sale and you can save hundreds on a brand new, still incredibly modern computer that just happens to be a few months old instead of up and coming.

Join Store Rewards Programs

Make sure you join any free rewards programs at stores you shop through. You can earn points back for every dollar you spend, or receive special exclusive discounts and promotions. These perks can add up fast, especially if you’re making a big and rather expensive order like a new computer along with computer accessories.

Store credit cards can also give you rewards like these, so use them if you have them, and rack up those rewards!

Shop During Special Sales Events

Watch for the amazing back-to-school sales that a lot of computer and electronics stores put on. Back-to-school season is a time when students need new computers and also need to stick to their student budget. You’ll be able to eat more than ramen if you wait for this time of year to buy your notebook. Look at to see their specials around this time, as well as Dell Consumer, Alienware, and Acer. You’ll get an A+ in your shopping class if you do.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes Found at Ebates

The store pages at Ebates are the perfect place to go to find all of the current sales and promo codes available from particular stores. All of the codes and sales information will be streamlined in one easy-to-read section, and you’ll always be able to find some sort of money-saving promo code here that can give you great savings. For example, going to the Lenovo page at Ebates gives you a list of all of the current promotions going on, like free shipping or a percentage or dollar amount off of your order, all in one convenient place.
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