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Sit Back and Enjoy These Ways to Save on Your Home Theater

I never realized how much a home theater would change my life. Earlier this year, my husband decided that he wanted to turn our newly redone basement into a home theater room, complete with a huge flat screen TV, surround-sound speakers, special lighting, and a few other bells and whistles to make the space a special one. At first I wasn’t exactly thrilled about this new, big expense, but he was so smart about finding great deals on all of the home theater components, and he did all the installation himself to save even more.

Now, movie night is always held at our house. Watching sporting events feels like you’re right in the arena. Nature documentaries have a new, wild edge to them through the quality sights and sounds of the home theater. Even the news seems more engaging and vibrant. I’ve never felt more energized just from watching my regular shows and special broadcasts.

If you want to convert your living room into a magical home theater, here are some ways that you can do so without watching your money magically disappear.

Earn Cash Back From Ebates When Buying Home Theater Equipment

To make money while saving money, shop for your home theater equipment through Ebates at any of the Ebates featured stores. You’ll automatically earn Cash Back on every eligible dollar you spend.

Simply go to the store page of your choice at Ebates and click Shop Now. You can also download and install the Ebates web browser plug-in so you won’t ever miss out on Cash Back.

Use Promo and Coupon Codes Found at Ebates

Store pages at Ebates are the perfect place to go to find all of the current sales and promo codes available with particular stores, streamlined in one easy-to-scan section. You’ll always be able to find some sort of money-saving promo code here.

Use Store Credit Cards

Home theater equipment can be an expensive order. If you have a store credit card at the store you want to buy all or most of your equipment and materials from, put the order on your card so you can get the points, perks, and potential discounts associated with the card. Pay it off immediately if you can so you still get all the rewards but don’t have to worry about interest or fees.

If you don’t have a store card anywhere, check to see if you can save a big chunk of cash by opening a new store credit card and using it to buy your home theater equipment. Some stores offer a great initial order discount for new cardholders, such as 20% off any one item or an entire order, which, when used on more expensive items, can mean huge instant savings.

Shop for Sales and Closeouts to Offset Costs

Not everything you buy has to be top of the line. If you splurge on your television set, consider getting a closeout or discount DVD player. If your speakers are top-quality and have the best sound, consider hooking them up to a stereo receiver you buy on sale. Look for these items that aren’t necessarily the stars of your home theater in closeout and clearance sections at places like Best Buy, Sam’s Club, and even Kmart and Target.

Shop During Special Sales Events

Wait for special sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or special annual events to buy your home theater equipment. Stores like OfficeMax hold annual or semi-annual sales events where different electronics, including home theater components, can be found at huge discounts. You can also find monthly or even weekly specials at places like Target that may include sales on the items you’re looking to buy. It’s always worth checking websites and flyers from stores that have an electronics section to see if some aspect of your home theater will be marked down significantly that week.

Find Free Shipping Deals or Coupon Codes

Lots of places offer free shipping, and this can really be a plus when shopping online. If the place you want to shop at doesn’t offer free shipping automatically, check the store page at Ebates to see if you can find a coupon or promo code that’s good for free or discounted shipping.
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